30 min+ queue times for EW

There is no reason to play in quick play. It’s design is very poorly. If you want to play EW, the just go to ranked EW.

I made this thread arount the release of quick play. You can read there what’s wrong with quick play.


I completely changed my hotkeys and wanted to play quick play to get used to the hotkeys. I didn’t want my rank / record to be affected.

Furthermore, I don’t want to queue up for and lose 5-10 games in a row until it’s competitive (since my hotkeys changed). That would be a waste of my time and a waste of my opponents’ time.

That being said, I think the issue might be resolved. For whatever reason, DE turned off the cross play option (I certainly didn’t) and now I’ve re-enabled it.

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I have no idea why you then go for Quick play. Quick play games are always onesided. You win or lose because of a big skill gap, since you are just matched against random players.

I would even suggest to go for the Lobby and host your only lobby. That gives you a bit more control about your opponents.

That will result in more players, but i think you are now just lucky. There arent many players in Quick play that wanna play EW. Currently there are no ongoing games for EW. Zero. That shows that people just dont wanna queue up for Quick play to play EW. As result the waiting time explodes.

But cross play would increase the possible matches. So it might have some impact. I think mainly if you are playing with a Xbox live acocunt, since i feel like most players are using steam.

That hasn’t been my experience. Yes, it does happen sometimes, but certainly not always. Usually I’m able to get good games in.

Yes, I’m using an xbox acocunt.

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Wouldn’t playing against AI (at maybe hardest/extreme) a couple of games to “check/get used to the new hotkeys” be a better idea?

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Yeah, I did that first. It’s different playing with a human though.