39+37+16+0 = 79: Who did this math?! Villager count bug

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  • GAME BUILD #: current
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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39+37+16+0 = 79?


Microsoft cant do basic math?

Note: Trade cars are counted towards the number of vills on gold, but not in the total number of villagers.

Not completely sure, but i think fishing ships are also counted towards food, but not for the total.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Make trade car of fishing ship
  2. Number of vills on gold or food goes up, but the total number of villagers doesnt.

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The game is able to do some basic math a.k.a. the total must be right.

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Honestly, this is kind of what you would want.

When your balancing your eco, it’s important to also know how many fishing ships you have working. They might not count the same as villager on farm/boar/sheep, but it’s probably a good rough approximation.

However you need to know the total number of vils without fishing ships, to know where you are in your build order (that’s how I do it at least, not total pop but number of vils).

I find both of these important in early game.


You can already see the split by selecting another option for the score. You can exactly see how many vills are on which resources. It even splits fishing ships and trade cars as seperate groups.

Afaik build orders that include fishing ship include these numbers also in the population. And pop is used in most build orders.

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I guess you got the answer by now: Fishing ships and trade carts inflate the counts per resource, but not the total because it is not the total number of resource-gathering units, it is the total number of villagers.


Two other examples:

  • The idle villager hotkey will also works for idle fishing ships (and possible trade cars). If it is called idle villager hotkey, why does it also works for other resource gathering units?

  • The end statistics show the maximum vill count of each player. This does also include the non villager resource gathering units.

Everywhere were vill counts are mentioned, it includes also the non villager resource gathering units, except at this spot. As result i consider this counter bugged. It also needs to include the non villager resource gathering units to make it consistent through the game.

Ok, it’s up to you whether or not you accept the fact that the villager count has no relation to the other counts. The rest of us have accepted this fact. Just because sometimes the values add up doesn’t mean that they must every time, as they are fundamentally not really this related. Good luck.

Maybe they should add up an icon for trade carts and fishing ships there. I think all the information should be there.

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In one of my last games i was surprised i had only 90 villagers, since i thougth i had a lot more. Then i looked at the numbers on each resources and i got to 140-150. The missing number was the number of trade cars again in the total. It is pretty confusing and fixing this should be really easy… It is already fine for each resource. So the devs already know how it should be. Only the total is wrong.

It’s only confusing because you got an idea about that number that is incorrect. It has never meant to be a “Total”. It is just “Villager Count”. That’s all. It has never been “Total Workers”. There’s nothing to fix. Nothing is broken.

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The same issue came up in a different thread. Seems like it is still not fixed.

The villagers icon is the total amount of those created from TC, and the amount shown in resources storage is counting all available units who can collect these resources, not a bug.
I think the devs just put the amount of created villagers except ships and trade units to significantly indicate how many villagers actually you still have while you are under harassing or attack, and how to plan your next actions with your refugees. I don’t think eco balancing in early time or booming period should be the only consideration for this amount, because you do not consider the different situations.
Villagers are the most important objects in game, the amount should not be combined with f ships and trades. But adding up icons for ships and trades can be good ideas as well.