3on4 games - bug in lobby

Hi all, Hi Devs, Hi Savage,

Whenever I play team games we quite often get into the lobby. We being almost all players. The emphasis on almost because quite often one player cannot join.

To note:
(1) Game does not start (no countdown timer in bottom right).
(2) Lobby is idle for about 2 minutes, then kicks everyone back into search queue.
(3) Sometimes, after about a minute, the final player is added and countdown starts.

This happens quite frequently and it is annoying. Because (a) we idle in lobby for 2 minutes and thus (b) significantly boosts search times before finding a game.

This is particularly true because sometimes we get “Assigning teams” and another player is just stuck in lobby at countdown 0. Even at this stage it might boot everyone back to main menu and not even requeue. Add on top of this that some people drop while loading and this can easily extend search times by 2 - 8 minutes.

Hello @KiezelSteentjeh!

Sorry you are running into this. Have you noticed if this always happens doing a certain match number? For example, maybe you have just played a team game and you are trying to jump into a second…but then you see these problems. Or maybe it’s always the first match of the day? Or maybe it seems random?

Is it always the same player that is unable to enter last?

Does this only ever happen in a Quick Match?


I’ve not paid sufficient attention to the mechanic. Going from memory it does not happen in the first game we play. At least, not from our side. When we are say four or five games in it is more likely to happen. I even recall a time where the four of us, on discord, reported to be in different screens. Like 3 are searching but one is still stuck in last lobby or something.

There seems little to no consistency in the player to whom it happens. It always happens in Quick Match, as this is a 4on4 issue. I do not recall having this in 1on1. Although someone might join later there, it does not happen that they do not join at all.

Edit: Just happened again. I’m (Kiezel) in a team with Kurt. Some random 4th does not get pulled into the lobby.

As per time stamps it takes about 2 - 3 minutes. then an error occurs and we requeue.

Like the 4th game we played today.

Thank you for the extra info! The team is going to look into this. I’m going to leave this thread open to help monitor any additional reports.