46295 ver. Crashes / Out of sync

game has been frequently crashing for everyone at the same time since yesterday, usually happens 10-20min in

a lot of crashes in past 5-7 days like every 3rd game for me. Please fix or return money with interest.

will it be next week? its been over a week since the patch and still crashes a lot

I tested another PUP 46786 seems to have no crash as well


when will we see this as a hotfix? I guess its been a week so its no longer a hotfix that means we wait till end of april?

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it looks like many still have these problem after the march 46295 update, below is a list of all current thread after the 46925 update still having crashes/oosync issue. there are probably a lot more players who crash but not post anything about it.

could we get some sort of update on the take of april PUP, if they will be released as hotfix or till end of the month?

Ever since the first DLC update, I’ve had the game crash every single time. That´s more than 4 months from now, all I can hope is that adding another comment to this forum will make the developers look more into this issue.

If that doesnt do it, I made a new discussion of myself in the forum with details of my own crash…

I’ve missed some event challenges/rewards for the same deal. I don’t want to miss another one, I enjoy the AoE saga so much either way.

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heres another two out of sync game back to back, can’t even find anything that might cause the crash via replay anymore.

log files:

two games out of sync above, 3rd game auto close to desktop… 3/3 games so far. the dump file and log:

Hello, I have this problem and all my friends who play AOE2 (latest build, xbox and steam) also crash to desktop so far 1 in every 2 games. The game is completely bugged. Could you please fix? Maybe restore to old version. Whatever was done ruined reliability. It is not worth it.
Even playing back the recording crashes my game: recording

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is this even being addressed? every1 in game crashes at the same time, happening like a quarter of the time, very annoying


Played 4 games today. One ended, the others all went out of sync. Its unplayable at this point in time… fix it or are you trying to kill the game in favor of AOE4?


well I know for sure I won’t purchase AOE4. people arguing about looks and what not but those are least important, if this game is full of bugs and unresolved, it can also happen to AOE4.

there are so many issues many people have brought up over this last year and some remain unaddressed, to the point I think they are probably just lacking staff. at this point we the customer are basically testing the game for them, it should be the other way around.


I am experiencing Crashes to Desktop around Feudal / Castle age.
The game just dissapears, and some time later my team mates say i dropped.

This is happening quite often, 1 every 10 games.
It didnt happen at all before this patch !!

At this rate we will start losing even our pro players:

he got way more pissed just a minute after the clip ends and stopped streaming for the day.


I’ll add my bug report to the list. For me everything ran fine until two days ago.

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Hi. The game freezes and crashes after 10 mins. of play. ( every time i play mp or sp)

My system:
g3258 dual core 3.2GHz
4+2GB 1333 MHz DDR3
rx550 2GB
win 10

Are these crashes related to a bug??
Or is it smt. about my system performance? I know I have bottleneck but freezes happen both in 1080p and 4K

I don’t use enhanced graphics pack as it requires at least 8GB of system ram.

Your mixed memory configuration could be the problem here.

Could you take out that 2 GB and try it with just 4 GB?
And forget 4K in your case, but of course trying is not dying.

If you are not used to do that, please ask some friend for help to remove the 2 GB.

i think your crash is simply not enough memory lmao and at 4k? damn

Thank you for your kind reply my friend.
I have not changed anything but problem solved.

The update that came 4 May solved it.
Game does not freeze or crash anymore.

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Incresing the resolution is a trick that helps cpu bottleneck.
My g3258 barely catches the rx550.