46295 ver. Crashes / Out of sync

UPDATE (with 46295 patch)

instead of out of sync, game simply crash to desktop, 3 out of 3 games so far. unplayable at this point.

@GMEvangelos is it possible to get a response from the team? there are maybe 6-7 threads across desync/disconnection and seems the posts/threads aren’t even being merged anymore. We feel that forum is left out or not getting attention due to no action or acknowledgement over the last week.

here are screenshots from me, 31 games over last 13 days are either out of sync, or 1 person disconnect and drops. this is kind of acceptable at this point with so much crashing, another player’s screenshot below from @VacantMantis360 and @wonderhd11

over 50% of the game goes out of sync, and or someone drops. basically 60% or higher at least 1 person will drop. please could we get some sort of progress update?

to link few other threads similar to this:


Thanks for magnifying our voice about this problem. This is something that definetily should get more attention because it enters the category of game breaking.

The bug I talk about in my post is someting players can do at will to exploit, although I am still experimenting to get all the information needed, especially the replication.


i hope they fix this, im tired of getting desynced every game. i stopped playing for a while because of this. came back just to get desynced again.

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One big fix identified via the Public Update Preview Program was shipped with today’s build. If you continue to see issues, please be sure to update the respective threads with more information about when and why you are encountering these problems:

Thanks for the report!

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thank you we’ll start playing again and update you guys

@GMEvangelos instead of out of sync, we get multiple crashes.
everyone in the game hard freeze and then game closes to desktop, with the latest update…

update: 3/3 games all hard freeze about 12 mins in.

attached log file, on google drive

two hard crash to desktop, one crash (every player) aoe2 ask not responding then close to desktop.


It’s crashing repeatedly after this. Nothing unusual in the game play. There’s no out of sync error because the game just crashes.


No OOS anymore… Just bye bye. The FFA community is suffering a lot this month…

can you elaborate what you mean by “just bye bye”?

Can you please provide a minidump? This may help us understand better why your game is crashing.

Your minidump file is commonly named AoE2DE_s.mdmp and here’s where you can find them:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE


the file mdmp

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I mean it just crashes. Not every game but just as you said.

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If you’re experiencing a similar issue, we’d definitely like to get a minidump from you also. You can share via Google drive if you like, but you can also submit a Support Request and include the file - just let us know if you do so we can go find that ticket and look at the attachment.

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I am also getting the freeze then crash to windows

here is my minidump file

@ElephantSpam and @GMEvangelos

the latest PUP 46639 seems to fix the crash for me and some of my friends, is it possible to have this include in the upcoming hot fix so we don’t have to wait until end of next month to be able to play without crash?


we were playing between friends and all sudenly the game crashed for everyone…
MP Replay v101.101.46295.0 @2021.03.25 232817 (1).aoe2record (1.4 MB)

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I also tried the new 46639 beta and no more crash, when can we see this update release?


Really glad to hear that this resolved the issue for some of you. Difficult to say how quickly we can get that live, but we’ll certainly do so at our first opportunity!

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thank you for responding, it really helps at times.

I probably should file this as another bug thread, just to make a quick report. the out of sync still happens rarely but it is likely caused by laggers in the game. when someone’s spec causing too much lag in a multiplayer game, it has a chance of desync entire game especially in late game.

hopefully this can be looked into as well.