4v4 Spawn is bugged in Boulder Bay Map (1 of ours spawned on enemy side)

4v4 Quick Match (playing in a party of 3 with 1 random)

As can be seen in the picture, 1 of our teammate (The random player Pink colored) spawn on the opponent side (the top area).


This seems to be happening on hybrid maps.
I have encountered this a few times in Boulder Bay and once in Danube River, for which I also made a thread.
I hope this gets the appropriate attention considering it’s basically a guaranteed loss.

It would help if you could add the map seed and biome to this thread, for the developers to address it.

Just happened to us in a 3v3 game on Danube River map !

Guys, there is a special thread for this where you can drop the map seed so they can look into it.