50 gold starting bonus for persians

I think this will help persians for get out of weak civ pool.

And this overlaps with Aztecs.
Persians currently only need a new Imperial UT and move the Mahouts speed boost to the Elite War Elephant.


Persians are underpowered tbf

I agree 99%. The 1% disagreement is I think a small cav related bonus will be good. They feel like so generic compared to other cav civs.

50 gold starting bonus for persians

As you’ve been told before it overlaps with Aztecs, and also just a bad suggestion since Persians are already great on hybrid maps.

Persians currently only need a new Imperial UT

They have one of the strongest Imperials in the game, they don’t need anything in Imp, plus Kamandaren is kinda an Imp tech, I’d give them a new Castle Age Tech, though I dont think it’d change anything, Perisnas are just a boom oriented civ due to their overall design sadly.

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You just can’t accept civs that people enjoy playing, can you?

This sounds like you are implying they made some counter-argument, but they haven’t even said anything yet.

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Persians are just fine. And this is also reflected in the stats. They sit at right around 50% win rate on Arabia. Slightly higher on Megarandom (53%).

Remember that a while back they used to be completely OP before their dark age was nerfed. They still have super strong eco though.


Absolutely this
Even Turtle Ship got the speed boost automatically now

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Yeah, imo Persians should get some more “flavour” on open maps instead of another eco bonus.
Have no idea yet though.

What type of “flavor” you want? Maybe we can come up with an idea together.

Idk, some kind of mid-game unit powerspike to aim for on open maps. Something that synergizes with their lategame cavalry role.

If the imp UT is replaced I was thinking about knight line regeneration (10 HP/min). But that won’t be mid game. UTs can be swapped in that case. But that will be too much change only for the sake of it.

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I think Mahouts is unnecessary tbh. Just make War eles a bit faster.
Then Kamandaran could become the imp tech where it is also placed better.

So I see good reasoning for adding this kind of tech. That’s actually very interesting as it would actively revard players who are careful with their knights.

I only hope it’s not too powerful with paladins in TGs.

Getting Boiling Oil back to replace Mahouts is even better. Elephants just need this “free” incentive instead of tech to Elite version.
They don’t need eco tech or civ virtue

Ok, but make that tech better this time…


With that small rate, it will never. Franks and Lithuanians will still be better.

That was one of the most useless tech. And also they are not desperately in need to protect castle from rams.

Persians aren’t weak.

Persians are strong on hybrid maps but weak outside of that.

Elite War Elephants are still rarely seen in high level games. I would double their HP from 600HP to 1200HP.

And ruin the game in the process for everyone below 1000 elo which is half the player base so that the top 1% use elefants?

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