5v5 tg. Would it be possible? Or only a dream?

Would it be possible to have in the future the chance of playing 5v5 in aoe2?
Techology has advanced. Computers are getting better and better with time.
We can think about 5v5 as a real possibility

Or what you think? Would you like it?


It would be very fun in my opinion. 4v4 are more like two 2v2 at the same time. I think 5v5 would be more strategical and would require more team sinergy

Why? 4v4 its already a cancer to play. Unless its weird FFA gamemod, there its no reason to have a 10 players in a game.

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There is a very good reason. To break the game. Even more than it already is. :rofl:


I would like even more. Could be great for Diplomacy like Europe maps.

But on in ranked play.

One player goin fc boom into early imp paladins ( with persians or burgundians)

Our computers might be able to handle it but I don’t know if the game engine can, they might have to rewrite the whole thing to squeeze something like this in is the issue, I’m pretty sure unit selection is capped at 60 for a similar reason because it just breaks and doesn’t work right if you add many more

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The engine can, there is already 9 players. (gaiia is a player). It mean that id of player is over 8 bits but dev doesn’t have time to spend on this and perhaps they want on AOE4 more player than on AOE2.

If that’s true then we can have 2^8 or 256 players in a game (including gaia)

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Even 4v4s are unplayable, imagine 128v128s

The devs have time to spend on this, they are just lazy. They made the expansion (other than the Campaigns) in one afternoon. I bet they work maximum 1 hour/day because they can’t fix anything or improve the game.

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There is other type of size value. In 1998, they optimise a lot the size of each value. it’s probably a word (2 bytes).
A quite good dev cost 1000€ per day…

4v4 unplayable? Why?

To be able to play 5v5. Isn’t it enough reason?

I would pay more for a dlc wich adds 5v5 than for a dlc wich adds 2 civs.


I agree. Would love to see this feature more then new civs.

It would be awesome to see more complex team dynamics. And bigger battles.
Also this way you can now play with more friends. I’ve had numerous occassions where me + friends meet with 5 on discord, and 1 has to spectate.

Although I foresee problems regarding map and civ balance. Probably need bigger maps, which favour mobile units.


I see no need for it for myself. If they implement it without adding any bugs I’m fine with it but I will never ask for that. There are more important things in my opinion.