6 Simple Questions

I have six simple questions with regards to this remake which I will ultimately base my purchasing decision on (these have mostly already been asked, but I am going to ask them again anyway).

In order of importance, the last 4 aren’t completely critical to me:

  1. Formations, the one reason why I stopped playing AOE1 is that AOE2 has formations and 1 does not. Big battles with 100+ units require this. Will these be added?

  2. Pathfinding, this has already been posted about, but the AOE1 AI paths are TERRIBLE. The amount of times that villagers get stuck is just painful (military not so much because you should micro). Will this be reworked?

  3. Farm Reseeding, also already has a post but will farms have an auto reseed function at the market (or a mill)?

  4. Gates, yes I realize this likely won’t be added but gates would be nice.

  5. Building scale, could you make buildings taller then in the original? I know this is a minor pet peeve but I am sure villagers prefer to not crouch inside their houses.

  6. Unique Units, will nations get unique units? I realize this is a “remaster” but having forts (type of castle) and unique units in a post release expansion would do wonders to replayability (also what about biremes, wood palisade and spear throwing skirmishers like the era actually had?).

  1. Ironically, the formations feature was one of the big turn offs for me when playing Age of Empires 2 +. I’m not sure why, I just hope they don’t add it or it wouldn’t feel the same.

2)Yes please god.

  1. I’m indifferent about that.

4)That’d be cool but you’re probably right.

  1. I’m against that, even though the scale was laughably off, its something I enjoyed about the original game.

  2. That’d be cool but I’m not sure how it would fit in the original game. I hope it’s strictly units, not buildings though. Kind of like how certain nations get slingers, maybe some can get a type of spearmen or another type of unit. Both early and late game would be cool.

just my two cents :wink:

  1. Personally I’m not a big fan of the gates/walls. Using the map to protect yourself is fine, but it really bother me when I face an opponent hiding behind tons of walls. It slow down the game a little too much for me.

  2. New units/buildings and civilizations might be really cool, or at least different skin for the units, depending of which civilization you’re playing.

  1. I wouldn’t like formations added, at least not in the way AOE 2 did, why? It slows terribly the speed of the units (thus the gameplay) while they organize themselves in the formation. One thing I liked about AoE:RoR was the speed and control of battles. I don’t mind for intense microing to rightly accomodate 100 units in battle. Imagine a Hitite guy firing 30 catapults at your units while they are trying to make the formation in slow motion? Hurts me to think about it.

  2. This should be nice, I shouldn’t had to be pressing the hoykey “.” to find those stuck.

  3. A pain in the ■■■■ indeed, hope they can do this.

  4. I don’t see myself building any gates, not in multiplayer at least.

  5. Indifferent on this.

  6. Unique units is to me, a very complex idea to add. Castles the way they work in aoe 2? would kind of ruin the original taste of the game in my opinion.

Even if it was a copy/paste of the old game, I would buy it XD.

  1. I don’t think formations are needed if unit pathfinding is improved sufficiently.
  2. As far as I know they are going to improve the pathfinding.
  3. I agree, this should be improved.
  4. I don’t think gates are needed.
  5. I have never considered the scale to be a problem.
  6. I think that would change the game too much.

Pathfinding is a must for sure.

  1. Formations IMO, totally very much indeed needed;
  2. Pathfinding is surely going to get improved, no doubt;
  3. I’d like this feature and on top of that I’d also like to have more than one villager at a time on a farm. Much like AoE III, I’d want to be able to have multiple villagers working a farm at the same time, it would be much faster resource gathering with less renewing costs.
  4. Gates, yes, holy moly YES.
  5. I would actually like up-scaling the buildings a bit, would make everything seem a bit more immersive and atmospheric.
  6. I agree with this the most. I’ve always liked AoE I, but the reasons for which I played AoE III more than anything is the difference made by what nation you would pick. I want differences, I want to feel like my decision upon which faction I chose had an impact on how the game would roll-out
  1. Part of AoE’s charm was the lack of these, for me at least. Definitely wouldn’t mind 'em though.

  2. Please, this. Just give us the AoEIIHD system if needed.

  3. Indifferent. I think it takes a bit of skill to remember to reseed manually, but it is also slightly tedious.

  4. Gates would indeed be very nice.

  5. I don’t really care for this one way or the other, but hey, if possible, why not?

  6. I really don’t think this should be done. It would be absolute ■■■■ to balance, and in a way, each civ already is specialized with certain units. It would make AoE into too much of a different game imo, but to each their own.