8 player limit?!

Why AoE IV still has the 8 player limit? I would had except an higher player limit. 8 players seems pretty low for a game released in 2021.


No, having more than 8 players would make this game chaotic and unplayable.

I’m sure however if there is a map editior and mod support later down the road that people will make this happened but that won’t be anything serious I think.


What about letting people choose if they want, lets say, 12 players for an scenario?

There is no need to make 12 players mandatory for ranked matches, just custom scenarios.

(and I don’t think a mod is capable of modifying that, otherwise, people would already done that in AOE2 or AOE3

I’m fairly sure that they have had 8 players in mind while creating this game with the maps and all otherwise they would market it just like Dice is doing with 128 players to get people hyped about it.

Unless there is a way to create scenarios in map editor I don’t see a way to do this right now.

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i MEAN…there will obviously…be a way…to make scenarios in map editor…that’s the whole point?

Yes I know that but it sounded that he wanted original made 12 player maps by the developers which to that I said its highly unlikely.

In AoM limit if the players is 12

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Is an RTS launching in 2021 , that is a miracle! The RTS genre is dead!

8 player limit for me is not a problem , for me the idea of playing against 7 friends is… WOW


There have been several, some of which very decent, launched in recent years.

Five Nations was launched recently, Iron Harvest came last year, and just got an expansion this year.
Then you have Loria, Armour Clash 3, C&C Remastered, They are Billions, War Party… All launched in the last 3 years!

RTS is doing fine. You may not be getting sequels to the old game franchises, but new RTS sprout up everywhere, in the past few years.

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the year has no relation to a player limit. “for a game released in 2021” is no argument.

I assume with mod support more players will be possible, and maybe we get special modes later aswell.

phew. they are billions is rts, true…but very RPG RTS :smiley:
Iron harvest etc are nice, but none of them can offer as much content as age, except the c+c remaster (whcih is a remaster)

There actually is a relation.
12 player maps proved to be less successful than 8 player maps, as far as filling MP rooms got. 12 players are just too many, it is hard to get that many people to play a map, at the same time.

A lot of modern RTS are even coming out without Multiplayer altogether, because only a select few ever get a viable MP scene, anyway.

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For the basic games, like standard multiplayer (ranked), i think 4v4 is pretty much enough. But for LAN parties, community games, scenarios, … more players could be interesting.

The specs for games released in 1997 are quite different compared to games released in 2021. Many more games have an higher maximum player in a game currently.

In AoE II isnt isnt possible to mod this. So i wont be sure it will be moddable…

yes, many more games. Name ONE rts that does? They dont because, well JonOli already wrote that :wink:

Regarding mods- remember age 2 DE still has most of the OG Age 2 Code. Modding back in age 2 days was very limited I think.
So for the DE it would have been hard, if not impossible, to mod a higher player limit. Because the player limit in age 2 is also due to performance issues because of the way its coded :wink:

So Age 4 is a completely new game from scratch therefore I hope that modders will have more options :wink: