A B.I.G. on the French civilization

So i really wanted to make a extensive guide about a civilization. So last couple of weeks i have been collecting builds, trying them out and put them into images.

I’ve also thought a lot about what i wanted to tell and how to build up the video. In the end it became a video of 1 hour and 20 minutes and i still had the feeling i could tell a whole lot more about the civ and especially in-depth tactics.

I’m also planning using the Build Orders on the ranked ladder and add them with the specific build orders so people can see them in a real game.

But what do you think about the French guide in general? Do you think it’s educational enough for new people so they can more easily jump into the game?

An hour and half is a pretty long video for any player, especially your target audience. Might want to break it up into something less intimidating. Hit core points in the initial videos then transition into more detail oriented information later in the playlist. This will allow you to add build orders/chapters of content in the future without having to recast your entire video. It also allows you to pull out chunks of video that become invalidated by patches.

Also; a basic rubric for credibility is Ethos, Logos, Pathos. You might it helpful for your scripting.

Ethos: Why should someone listen to you? (High Elo?)
Logos: What do you know? (How clean and meaningful the info is)
Pathos: Why do you or should I care? (What’s the movitivation here?)