A bit of dev appreciation, and a call

Disclaimer : am I a dev myself, maybe I am wrong, these are just my two cents.

I want to say I am grateful for the PUP we just got for the OOS. We now have the occasion to help.

You gave us what looked like AoE3 v2.0 and it was awesome.
Sure, the balance may be off, but patches and time will tell what is OP and what is fine.

But no PUP on a gigantic update (even if the content was hot) transformed what looked like a AoE3 v2.0 into a hellish patch of OOS and seemingly unbalanced stuff.

We just spit out bug reports instead of much, much deserved acclaim. A PuP would have made the difference.

The hotfix was rushed imho, and my guess is it has to do with an order to get it before the 25th. Let’s face it, the error on Absolute vs BasePercent on the Bersagliere armor looks like an untested and very very very quick edit :wink:

So when I saw the OOS PUP, I was happy we as a community could help.

So my message here is : I think you are under a lot of pressure and it is hard to call for help. But this community knows what it is to be the underdog. We may never be AoE2, but we know when to give a hand :

  • The developper Hellpunch has created an amazing AoE3 mobile app with a plethora of game knowledge and countless features (search for AoE3 Companion App on Google Play)
  • Amazing discord bots (thinking about you Dori) give player data about a player’s clan’s elo on the ladder among other things (It is on the Sunbros Discord : Age of Sunbros III )
  • I spend 3 hours every patch making a “Shadow-updates” documentation looking at the techtree and proto files just so our AoE3 discord has a patch-notes, and I know I am far from the only one willing to do/share it. (same discord)
  • Youtube channels are popping left and right to archive good ladder games and amateurs tournaments.

We are here. And when you will call, we will answer. So thanks for this PuP, and thanks for the call on it.

Keep it up.


They deserve credit for what was the biggest update ever, there’s some fantastic stuff and it’s breathed new life into many old civs I used to call boring. The OOS was unfortunate and perhaps more testing should have been done but we all make mistakes and we live and learn, I’m sure they are doing their best to fix it asap.


3DE has the best devs. Period.