A Chinese female villagers' clothing style mistake that should be easy to fixed

this thread is underrated. I agree to this. although its impossible to cater to the thousands of styles the Chinese weared. There is also a matter of region.
But I do think the current ones doesn’t mesh well.
I mean, they are even wearing sombreros. xD

What I am most concerned about recently is those weapon mistakes of the spearmen from the Eastern civilization.
Like even Mongols and Chinese spearmen are using guisarme. This is simply incredible.
(All in all, those mongols models still like cool which are my favorite all the time)

Relic’s understanding of ancient China mostly stays in the Qing Dynasty, so they did with such a thing. There are many elements of the Qing Dynasty in the game, which is very rigid.

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In fact, most of westerners understand it this way. Given that Relic are inexperienced, they have done a passable job. What I sick most now is that their updates always coming so slow.

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