A civ with no iron casting/Bodkin Arrow

We have civs without these castle age upgrades. Chain Barding Armor, Chain Mail Armor. But we yet to see civs that lack Bodkin Arrow/Iron Casting. Granted these civs would need some sort of crazy bonus to be missing either Bodkin Arrow or Iron Casting.

The civ without Iron Casting would need fantastic archers or some sort of crazy bonus.

The civ lacking Bodkin Arrow would need some really strong melee options and some other crazy bonus.

A civ lacking both Bodkin Arrow and Iron Casting… that would be strange indeed. Not sure how it could be done.


Iron casting sounds like not that big of a deal. You hardly ever get That upgrade in castle age anyway. Your imp would be weak, but a strong uu/ut might compensate.

No bodkin imho is impossible. Without, you just die straight up to things like conqs.


Maybe free range on defensive buildings or something could make up for it? Hypothetically speaking, for a civ without Bodkin.

Yep. Infantry ignores armor as a civ bonus and Cavalry ignores armor as a castle age UT should be enough.

no bodkin could work on a civ that gets +1 attack on archers per relic. and a imp ut tech that gives 1 extra range.
that civ would have high attack archers with less range in castle age (once they have relics)
and then arbs with high attack but also 1 less range

Ironcasting is doable. for Bodkin, I Think you would need a civ that relies Entirely on Seige, Calvary, Infantry, HC, and Monks, and it’s UU To cover all of it’s bases. The closest to this right now is the Slavs.

No Bodkin is an interesting design challenge.
Having faster siege and monks could cover a lot of the vulnerability of having very bad skirms. Some kind of defensive building bonus would probably be necessary. Giving them good HC would help, but would do nothing for early imp.

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I have learned that everything is possible with crazy enough civ bonus.
Just like what Kozma said about scouting the map with pigs – it’s crazy enough to work.