A collection of images that will show you graphics are beautiful


I can get stills from AoE III DE that look as good as this.

Also, static screenshots fail to showcase the weird “skippy” animations, units not following terrain contours and conveniently you cherry picked scenes with no arrows or soldiers with cartoonish, giant weapons.


Those are all fixed by now, the fan preview was an alpha build


“Never blow a horn in front of snakes because they’re deaf.” A classical proverb.

Whatever the game is, cartoonish or no cartoonish…eSports or no eSports…casual or no casual, only gameplay will decide whether this game lives or dies in coming months. As simple as that.


those screenshot looks beautiful imho, and hey looking at the those screenshot zoomed out the weapons doesn’t seems that big compared to zooming in which make my point stand that they should have shown the fan preview from a player point of view and not zooming in and out, this is an RTS which by nature would be played zoomed out, tbh they could use more texure improvment and the games will looks even more beautiful then it is now.

but then again artstyle is personal taste and not everyone will collectively like it or dislike it, some people will love some people will not and it’s fine since everyone have their opinion and taste


AoE3DE still looks better. :rofl:


For you :slight_smile: Heheheh that is your taste


There is definitely potential but I can’t stand those silly choices, i.e. tiny buildings, heavy anachronisms like Victorian chimneys, cartoony units, etc.

What victorian chimneys?

This one for example

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personal opinion

No, big people

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AOE3:DE is my jam. It’s scary good looking.


Every1 of them looks just perfect. I imagine on 4k monitor this game will look just stunning. This art style is actually so much better that some realistic BS. If i was at age when i started playing AOE2 my grades in school would drop so hard when i would get my hands on this game

Love this screenshot very much. It kind of gives a feeling how it could look in real gameplay. Units and cartoonie buildings look just perfect actually


Maybe both, if they shrink just a bit units AND make bigger buildings you may just have a nice balance IMO.


Still looks cartoony, gives me massive mobile AOE game ripoff vibes, I do really hope there’s mod support because I know there will be mods to fix this…


I would consider the existing AOE4 graphic is quite good, although its scale is not reality.

Referring AOE3DE, there are always difficult to distinguish some units due to they are small and high resolution.

As a game, I will prefer units can be easily recognized and controlled. Regarding its cartoon graphic style, this is new game I don’t think it needs to keep referring old games for this and that.


more i look at it more i think game is already perfect. Just get rid of those bugs during beta and lets go!


Only thing that could be adjusted is size of some buildings
I suppose that tower is part of baracks. Swordsman is 2 times size of the entry door of that tower. So yea some proportions could be adjusted but its ok anyway.

But i suppose it wouldnt hurt to resize those very small buildings to a little bigger model of the same building. Otherwise AOE4 definitely looks more beautiful that AOE3:DE. Something in AOE3 makes me not want to look at it at all. This kind of cartonie graphics catches my eyes. And I’m almost 32 for those of u wondering

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Looking good cant wait to try it out.


I like the shown graphics of AoE 4 and there are is still many months to polish and adjust it. I think in the end all this talk about the graphic will vanish, because the game play is the more important part and boy I want play AoE 4.