My favourite Top 10 New Features in Age of Empires 4

If they keep those large fire indicators, that’s actually a change I would dislike.

Unless I’m missing something, I think a burning building is pretty self-explanatory :joy:

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It has something to do with the memes of Age2 buildings burning for hundreds of years I think.

Lol, same. I would pick all of them except landmarks and neutral markets if I could

  • Mountable walls
  • Asymmetric civs
  • beautiful graphics


Military units being able to build simple defenses and siege equipment is fantastic, and I like the roads/paths addition (a quite simple but cool element that will add to the feeling of a growing base). Also, the landmarks way to advance of age is cooler than researching a single tech, and the ambushes can add really cool situations.

But obviously the asymmetric civilizations thing is the MVP here. I feel that is not even a gameplay feature but a critical game design decision, but surely will be one of the strongest parts of AoE IV.


How is random map generation a new feature? We have had that since the first game.

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I mentioned in the video that even though it is not a new feature it is a noteworthy one. Sticking to the formula that makes Age of Empires unique.

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Okay, that makes sense. I was just wondering because in the poll you are asking about “new” features.

it was a VERY hard one, but I think mountable walls are the most fitting new feature for me :smiley:

Infantry building siege units infront of the enemy base is realistic and makes sense. It can speed up the gameplay and makes it more flexible.

It was a feature I wanted of AoE but never thought they would actually do it. I’m very happy about it.
Also think it’s good for balance that they can only build basic siege units (besides the Mongols that can build all).
The basic siege units are available in Feudal Age, making that Age a lot more interesting than in AoE2.

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Wow quite a few votes since I was last here. Shame the Polls aren’t multiple choice :confused:

Clearly asymmetric civilizations are the winner so far, I just hope that the developers can make the civs feel and play unique different as much as they can. Quite keen to get hands on already!


You can make them multiple choice, I was wondering why you didn’t

Strange I wasn’t able to select multiple at the time - when I have time today I will add a new poll under the original in the OP - say a max of 3 options out of 10?


I mean, hey, it took me like 5 tries to figure out the poll system.

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I can’t pick so I wanted to pick the option that had the least votes to show support for that option.

The 3 things I cannot pick between are Asymmetric Civilizations, Neutral Markets/Trading Posts, and Naturally Occuring Roads/Paths. Neutral Markets had no votes so I voted for that one.

half of those “new” features can be found in age of empires 3 so they are not really new…

3 - aoe 3 have trading posts
4 - aoe 3 have landmarks
5 - aoe 3 units can also build defensive/offensive structures
7 - …
10 - aoe 3 some civs also differs a lot from one another

bro,where can I find the picture such as it?

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It was on this thread, not initial screenshot provided by author

but this Ziad5241 provided more screenshots

and between them was this beauty

here is full resolution picture

Cheers bro


its new to a middle age age game, or to all age 2 players who skipped age3. betetr? :slight_smile:

I like how the units are using the road. This may indicate that roads actually make units walk faster. In an interview they said they are using the “flow field” pathfinding algorithm which, if I understand correctly, is not only more efficient, but it allows for different types of terrain with different velocities, and then units ‘choose’ where to walk. Here is a video that explains it How Flow Field Pathfinding Works - Flow Fields in Unity ep. 1 - YouTube


That would be very interesting. Lets see what happens

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