A compromise on the UI

Greetings Ladies and Sires,

AoE IV has certainly a peculiar style for the UI, way more modern than the predecessors. I’m fine with the aesthetics, it feels like I’m watching through some sort of time machine… But anyway, if it looks modern, it also should act modern.

So while I won’t ask for a completely different style, I certainly want way more customisation and scalability on each component of the in-game UI. Size, opacity and even position, where applicable, for the minimap, the resource, unit and command panels.

A modern looking but highly functional UI, isn’t it a good compromise?


That’s not a compromise. Being able to customize the UI is the bare minimum that should be expected from a modern game.

In Age of Empires II, I can easily change these aspects through modding within a few seconds. Age of Empires IV needs the same.

Obviously modding isn’t considered since this should work in ranked too.

The topic of mods itself deserves its own separate thread. I completely agree with your initial post. Customization is always a good thing, but hopefully Relic will, on top of that, focus more on improving the modding tools.