A couple of ideas

A couple of ideas that occurred to me while rambling were as follows:

A DLC called Knights and Barbarians (I’ll explain this later)
And that the explorer and hero cards give them unique abilities

Aztecs: High Priest of Ixtlilton
Aztec Warchief gains +50% hit and attack points; Upgrade your Warchief in combat. Warrior Priests +20% effectiveness in the Community Square, in turn the Aztec warrior chief unlocks 2 abilities, accurate obsidian hit, the Aztec warrior chief can give a strong blow with his macuahuitl to a unit causing it to suffer a bleed that slowly lowers your life (30 second cooldown) High Priest (Passive Skill) when standing next to a bonfire can improve the effect of this by 8% (12% in imperial age)

british: Captain Cad
Scout gains +50% hit and attack points, and can use Swashbuckler Attack; +1 scout dog, in turn can make a long range archery attack that stuns the enemy (only 1 can be stunned every 60 seconds)

Chinese: snatch the pebble
The Shaolin Master gains +50% hit and attack points, and can use Round Kick, gains the Shaolin Resilience passive ability, which improves the resistance and attack speed of the Shaolin Warriors and the Shaolin Master (for each Shaolin Warrior there is). in the field it will improve the resistance of the shaolin master by 1%, instead this improves the resistance of his disciples by 10%, the attack speed of the monks and the disciples improves by 50%)

Dutch: stadtholder
Ranger gains +50% hit and attack points, and Town Centers cost -50% wood; Send out a scout dog, Voc Commander (100 second cooldown) for only 250 food the Dutch scout can create 5 company stadtholders, inveterate capitalist (passive ability) the stadtholder can take shelter in a bank and improve his effectiveness by 200 %

Ethiopians: king of Kings
Ras can use Lion’s Roar! skill; Receive a Lhota the Pet Lion with every shipment from Home City, including this one, Solomon’s Offspring (Passive Skill) when found next to a mountain monastery can improve the gathering and training efficiency of abunes by 100%

French: traveler
Ranger gains +50% hit and attack points, and can use Heal; +1 explorer dog, acquires the ability to collect gold from hunted animals, River Runner (50 cooldown) when being near a river, lake or sea, the French explorer will be able to create a canoe to travel with his group of explorers.

Germans: Buergermeister
Scout gains +50% hit and attack points and builds Town Centers and Trading Posts 100% faster; +1 scout dog, Mercenary Leader (Passive Skill) the effect aura improves the damage and speed of movement and attack of the mercenaries (Damage +10% speed +0.20 Attack speed -30%)

Those are some heroes, maybe later I’ll think about the others now what I had said about that dlc (which really is a smoke that I thought… but I don’t lose anything by saying it either)

DlC Knights and Barbarians
The name of this dlc is because I remembered a mod that brought civilizations from age 2 to age 3 (but with more asymmetric characteristics and more unique tech, they even had the card system)

The Civilizations of this DLC would be:


I would explain more about this idea but I was a little lazy to collect information since I had recently finished some reports for the university xd


Apart from an ability where the musket-armed explorer brings out an archaic bow (would be better as a grenade) and a name change, which incidentally would have been seen as very offensive at the time(a Cad was someone acting dishonourably - especially to women), it’s not that exciting a change if I’m on honest. He could have more interesting ability - like being able to deploy (with its own durations - its temporary afterall) an Expedition Tent’ which could give an beneficial auras or even having its own tech upgrades like ‘Royal Geographical Society’ which could ship Books (like US) to the Town Center for XP for example.

Ethiopians are in, so are Venetians, technically within Italy (also their HC).

The others have no place in AoEIII other than in Mods as they are well out of place time-wise, plus they would not really fare very well versus armies of musketeers, cannon, dragoons and navies full of cannon-armed ships.

I do however like the general idea of giving the Hero units a little more utility - even better when they fit in with their home nation’s particular quirks!


no chance of byzantines, the game is decades after their fall.

venice is the homecity of the italians, needless to say they are in the game.

saracens? what exactly would they be, we have the ottoman which dominated the entire region.

mongols, i mean technically there where hordes north of china but after the manchu take over the age of the hordes more or less ended.

celts? who would they be? there are much more interesting factions in europe to add from the periode than some made up faction.

Ethiopia is straight up in the game.


Parece que ninguno me entendio lo que escribi, me referia a que hicieran un dlc que agregaran civs de aoe 2 al 3 pero que no necesariamente estas se enfrenten a las del aoe 3, es como lo que hicieron en el aoe 2 porteando el 1 al 2

Si pero la habilidad de granada la tenia pensada para el explorador otomano, ya que encajaba mejor con el, con respecto al ingles no entiendo lo de cad, te refieres al ataque de aventurero? eso ya estaba en la carta, yo solo le agregue la habilidad de disparar una flecha de arco largo para causar aturdimiento a los enemigos, y por cierto esa idea que diste de la tienda de exploración esta buena, hoy pondre a 7 exploradores más

Haudenosaunee: Big Chief
Haudenosaunee Warchief gains +50% hitpoints and attack, and his aura now also increases the hitpoints of buildings by 10%, Spirit of the Forest (Passive Skill) Warchief can become invisible when It is located next to natural resources, Tomahawk Launcher (60 second cooldown) Kill any enemy unit by launching a well-aimed tomahawk at their head!

Hausa: Kingslayer
Emirs get a +4.5 times multiplier against heroes and enemy military units now contribute to their loyalty aura, Camel Fighting (Passive Skill) all friendly camel units including the emir himself, improve their bonus against cavalry and shock infantry 200%, camel spit, the emir’s camel spits in the eyes of an enemy leaving him unable to fight for 12 seconds (cooldown 60).

Inca: Sapa Inca
The Inca Warchief gains +75% hit points and +1.0 speed, and his aura also increases the attack of native warriors, Uniter (Both Passive and Common Use Skill common use cooldown time 80 seconds) the inca warchief can convert enemy units to join the tawantinsuyo, the priestesses near the warchief improve their conversion speed by 20%.

Indians: Favorable Karma
Brahmin gain +60% hit and attack points, and can train Axehilt the Tame Tigers, +1 Villager, Temple Priest (Passive), Brahmin can improve healing speed of allied healing units by 200% , they can take refuge in the temples and generate a higher healing rate, elephant impact, the brahaman charges his elephant and can stun a group of nearby units at a rate of 3 the stun lasts 6 seconds (cool time cooling 65)

Italians: Machiavellianism
The Ranger gains +50% Hit Points and Attack, and +25% Speed. The Explorer now collects treasure almost instantly; sends out an Explorer’s Dog, Sea Merchant (Passive) an Italian Scout Aura that grants warships a drop of coins while next to the scout, it can be sheltered inside a ship for increased rate of effectiveness ( Warships +2.25 coins per second), Political Scheming (Skill cooldown 120 seconds) The Italian scout can talk a small group of enemy units at a rate of 3 into deserting their army and turning back. outlaws

Japanese: Mountain Warrior
Sohei Archer gets +50% hit and attack points, and doubles the resources or XP they acquired from treasures, Shrine Guardian (passive ability), the Japanese monk when he is near the shrines improves his attack speed and damage in 5% for each nearby shrine, flash of arrows, the Japanese monk shoots in quick succession a good number of arrows (7) that deal high damage to multiple units at a rate of 5

Lakota: Ogle Tanka A
Lakota Warchief gains +50% hit and attack points, his aura now also buffs your unit’s siege attack damage by +10%, Warcry (Skill Cooldown 120 seconds) buffs damage of the allied units by 10% and in turn due to the fear that their enemies inspire, they reduce their attack speed and their own attack (attack speed + 10% attack -10%) lasts 15 seconds, knowledge of the plains ( passive ability) while wild animals (bison, zebras, giraffes etc) are near the lakota war chief they will follow him to the urban center, the war chief can only be followed by 2 animals (or 3)

If there is something that bothers you, you can give other ideas, here I only give what I think a little with the data I have

Maltese: Bailiff
Grandmaster gets +50% hit and attack points; The Grandmaster now increases the build speed of nearby units by 50% (effectively reducing build time by 33%); sends 1 Lamb of the Shaper, Faith Debounds (Skill cooldown 20 seconds) heals 450 hit points to the selected allied unit, Hammer of Justice (skill charged 60 second cooldown) the grand master uses a huge mace to slow everyone down enemies close to him for 15 seconds (enemy movement speed -50% enemy attack speed -50%)

Mexicans: Commander
The General and Father gain +50% hit and attack points, and their Saber Strike ability is immediately available, Mexican Commander gains the following abilities: Guerilla Leader (Passive Ability) All guerrilla units feel inspired by their presence (Insurgent units have increased attack speed and movement speed by +20%) Leader of the People (Passive Skill) Insurgent units next to the general gain more armor and attack speed (insurgent 15% ranged resistance, +30% attack speed) The Mexican father obtains the following ability: Divine Punishment (Cooldown time of the ability 60 seconds) The father uses a highly flammable combustion liquid to burn any enemy building!.

otomanos: Agha
Ranger gains +50% hit and attack points, and +1.0 speed; also sends an Explorer Dog, Grenade Throw (skill cooldown time 60 seconds) The scout throws a grenade that is devastating against infantry, Artillery Marshal (Passive Skill) artillery units improve their firing and movement speed (artillery +15% fire and movement speed)

Portuguese: Navigator
The Scout gains +50% hit and attack points, and +6 radius for his Spyglass ability; also sends out an Explorer Dog, Spirit of Adventure (Passive Ability), all units surrounding the Portuguese explorer get bonus damage against natives (x2) and can critically hit with a 25% chance, Marine Life (Passive Ability) The Portuguese explorer, by taking refuge inside a ship, can increase the firing speed of all the others and consequently give the possibility of a “penetrating” shot that, when hitting a ship, passes through and reaches the ship behind.

I don’t mind some of your suggestions, but I would actually prefer to just see the explorer cards being transformed into techs that can be researched in the game, at least for the european civs.

Like the church techs, most of the european explorer upgrades are nice, but you can rarely sacrifice an HC card just for them.

They should in my opinion be a technology to be researched at the TC, so you can balance each different civ explorer bonus with its cost and research time (vill not trained) so give a little bit more depth to the age 1. Alternatively an age 2 politician could also have the effect to unlock that.

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I know that this is more of a meme than anything elso, but I would love that the Italy explorer card would send a war CAT instead of a dog.

The reason why is that among the last venetian doge, there was the general Francesco Morosini that never went to war without its cat. Maybe it’s because I’m a cat person but I would love that. :joy:

Besides, I like most the idea of turning some enemy units into aggressive guardians, it’s like the AoM chaos divine power, but I would make it more consistent and not random (maybe with a long reload time) scrapping the other bonus.

Another idea could be to turn it into a condottiero, or a mobile taver, with the possibilities to train the unit available at the taver, but that for sure need it’s own card.

es bueno saber que te parecieron interesantes algunas cosas xd, la idea general que tengo es que los heroes sean más utilizados y se generen estrategias entretenidas en torno a estos

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Here are the last 4

Russians: Polar Explorer
The Explorer gets +50% HP and Attack, and +2.0x against Treasure Guardian ; +1 Husky dog, Patriotic Charge (Cooldown 180 seconds) when pressing this ability all the units that are in the line of sight of the Russian scout will increase their speed by +2.5 and will charge directly towards the enemy their melee attack will be vera improved by 15% over a 15 second period, Resilience of Ice (Passive) The Russian scout reduces the extra bonus inflicted by enemy units on Russian units within his vision range by 0.5.

Spanish: Conquistador
The Scout gets +50% HP and Attack, and the War Dogs get +20% HP and Attack, Suprema Deztresa the Spanish Scout gains a passive attack that with a 25% chance can deliver a thrust that is an instant death against his opponent (melee only), Treasure Hunter (passive ability) every unit eliminated by the Spanish explorer will give its same value of Exp in gold.

Swedes: Duelist
The Ranger gets +50% hit and attack points, and can use the Heavy Strike ability; +1 Christmas Reindeer (xD), Matter of Honor (Passive) All heavy infantry near the Swedish scout will have their melee attack increased by 25% and melee speed increased by +25% , Cannon Shot (Skill cooldown 70 seconds) The Swedish Scout fires a powerful cannon shot for devastating damage

US: Sheriff
The general gets +50% hitpoints and attack, +2.0x against Treasure Guardians and Outlaws, and Carbine Attack is immediately available, Ranger (Passive Skill) the US general gets an aura that under his line of sight causes bandits, owlhoots and cowboys have their fire speed improved and their charged attacks cool down faster (attack speed +15% charged attack recharge time -18 seconds) Bounty hunter (passive ability) US general when killing outlaws gets double of his exp in gold, in turn outlaw allies near him get a slight gold drip (0.50 coins per second).

Bueno ahi me dan su opinion sobre estas fumadas, que de seguro son bastante estupidas xd