A dislike button should be added

I think there should exist a dislike button along with the like button on this forum.

  • Dislike count should be visible to author only
  • Dislike count should be visible to everyone
  • Dislike count should be minused from Like and only the total should be shown
  • There is no need for Dislike button
  • Other suggestions
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  1. generally don’t ping microsoft staff.

  2. downvotes only ever breed negativity, its going to make every civ request a downvote vs upvote fight and every slap fight between 2 users into a million downvotes.


It’s better than breeding direct fights of long hate posts and then counter posts. A simple downvote is enough to record your disagreement.

There are many people who get away with negative comments like dissing some people or a racist comment or saying some abusive words. They can atleast be made aware by the number of dislikes that what they wrote is not being liked by the people.

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