A equipe está fazendo as correções erradas. O game está chato. Façam o correto

This correction team balance thinking is wrong. There is no balance this way. You weaken some civs and increase the power of others.
The biggest problem with this age is the aggressive bonuses. 40,50,100%. These bonuses will unbalance at some point in the game.
It is not in this thinking that makes civs different. You don’t separate civs by bonus.
I will comment on some that should be balanced. All the ones I will mention have aggressive bonuses (30% or more).

1-Employee of the Chinese empire has broken bonus.
High tax collection bonus and building fee. It is clearly harmful to the game.

2-French guild hall has broken bonus.
Secure resource with high collection fee.

3-Regnitz Cathedral and HRE Prelate are broken.
I don’t even need to comment. And even if they nerf to just 2 relics it will still be very strong. The bonus is aggressive, 200%.

4-Mongol Egg Collection fee is broken.
Everyone knows the Mongols’ power of aggression. Dark’s collection rate should be even lower.

5-Efficient production (produces units in half time) of dehli is totally broken.
Perhaps the most broken of all. Dehli is unbeatable on some maps. Can master a map with sacred points.
Safe gold collection. In addition to the efficient production that is better than civilizations that have milestones that generate units (French and English).

6-Holiness of dehli is still broken.
Bonus still high 50%. Mastery is evident with efficient production. You will be able to easily collect at least 2 holy points.

7-Economic (fresh food) wing of the Abbasids is totally broken.
Low cost for great benefit. Being able to produce twice as many villagers for the price of just one. In one minute you get your investment back. High 50% bonus. Aggressive.

8-Fruit collection fee at 30% for Delhi and Abbasids is broken.
It doesn’t make sense for fruit gathering to be bigger than deer hunting on the map. Horrible decision by the team. 30% very aggressive.

10- Swabian Palace. I don’t even need to speak.

The way the changes are being adopted will have a boomerang effect. Once a civ is broken, another time it will be another.
That’s the main reason people who play aoe2 don’t come to play aoe4. The team is in the opposite direction. Need urgently to lower the bonuses.