A few doubts and Damage caps in Age of mythology and age of empires 2

Hey guys i have been testing the limits of age of mythology for a while now, in the search for the most op unit possible.
So i made osiris and zeus have like 10 to the power 38 hit points and 10 to the power 38 damage respectively with a 99 percent armor respectively, for making the most overpowered Rts charcters ever.

  1. I just wanted to ask, when i confirm from the cheat engine, the game does follow float for everything gold, hitpoints and damage and if i enter 10 to the 39, cheat engine shows “Plus infinity”, which does mean i have reached the cap right?

  2. The hitpoints counter in Age of mythology always becomes negative after 2 billion, which means there is a visual cap right?,( but the 10 to the 38 hitpoints do work as i have tested and even confirmed through cheat engine).

  3. The crush attack and speed of the character do show the correct 20 to the 30 digit float values, another observation.

  4. What is the damage and the Hit points limit in AOE2 DE, is it 32767 and what exactly is “Negative damage” to bypass the 32000 limit. When i enter negative hitpoints and negative damage in AOM my unit refuses to even exist?

Please guys confirm and let me know the above?

Here is a screenshot of my Osiris with 10 to the 38 speed, damage and hit points.

Sure the game doesn’t freeze/outright crash with such high speed values?

Nope. he literally traverses across the screen, my speed is 10 to the power 38, so yeah the game does behave a bit weird like the character literally vibrating and stuff on screen.
But no crashes so far.
Btw, i gave a kronos titan a hitpoints value of 24 9s and a damage of 24 9s as well.
Osiris literally oneshotted hundreds of them, and no lifelost.
The power of being 14 orders of magnitude above a character.

Here is my speed value. it cannot fit on screen, but what you see is a 38 digit number.

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Here is my protox file with the numbers i used: