A few hotkeys suggestions

While reporting many issues and bugs I found with the new remappable hotkeys, I thought a few suggestions. Let me know what you think.

-Request: Having the mapped hotkeys scroll from side to side on it’s menu, as long combinations become unreadable, specially in languages like Spanish whose “Shift” is called “Mayúsculas” and occupies the whole hotkey rectangle. There’s no way to see what hotkeys you have already asigned in these cases.

-Request: Having a consistent UI placement for the Scout which is sometimes moved to a side in civilizations with access to other units in stable like Camels, Fire Lancers and Elephants. Visual annoyance that can mess up your association of the unit with a certain hotkey, even more for Grid Hotkeys users.

-Request: Having a hotkey for selecting military units in the radius you’re seeing on screen.

-Request: One of those “AoEII” mechanics that I think many would agree would be great is having just ONE button to access every building instead of having them separated per age. Or we could have a toggable option for this like many other QoL that have been added over time.

-Request: Holding certain hotkey to drag-select only military units, and another for economic units. AoEII has CTRL for military and ALT for economic.

-Request: Not that related to the rest of the thread, but here’s another “AoEII” one, to have “Stand Ground” to be permanent until you untoggle it, with the expected behaviour that your unit moves after a click but won’t leave it’s new place. I can’t find a good english wording for what I mean, but I hope you understand what I’m proposing, otherwise let me know.

Cheers, let’s make AoE IV even better than what it’s shaping to be :slight_smile:


before if you could see the hotkeys, and I have already reported it

THIS. I thought it was reported and fixed already (multiple times), but still can’t figure out how to check my hotkeys, even if I set the game language to english I can still see MAYÚSCULAS + … I guess I need to change the keyboard layout to english in windows as well.

AoE4 works like SC2 in this regard, since you can queue a move command followed by a stand ground command I think its pretty convenient that the stand ground gets cancelled by a move command. This makes that you cant attack move / patrol on stand ground; I have seen this mistake so many times in AoE2 pro scene (not saying that in AoE2 is bad to patrol stand ground in all scenarios tho).

By the way, anybody remembers the debate around it when Cysion was showcasing AoE2DE prior to the release and the pathing sux hate?

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This is one I’ve begged for from day 1 :frowning:

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Can’t you remap these to whatever you want?

You can already remap those to your liking

no, you did not get what he means.
sc2 do not use “toggle”, it use regular hold.

sc2: unit A on hold, unit B without Hold → select-> press hold → both on hold (as any other normal game).
aoe4: unit A on hold, unit B without Hold → select-> press hold → ???

in any modern game: you can spam Hold 100k times, and it will hold, you need not count to be sure, that unit is on Hold position.

btw, in aoe2 it’s “positions”, it’s different behavior, but still if you press a button 1000k times, it will do the same… you need not count: 1=hold, 2=not, 3=hold, 4=not hold.

some people are too obsessed with comparisons between 1999 and 2021. So what, if an game had “pathing sux”?

He mentions here about the drawbacks of disabling Stand Your Ground with V, and it makes sense. My proposal is that Stand Your Ground is deactivated with the S


Stand ground deactivated with S (stop command default grid hotkey) but not with V (stand ground default grid hotkey).
V should be only for stand ground activation. I think this should be a separate topic on its own.

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I would like them to implement that, I would also like to select only the enemy army in battle. I got the idea from the program called autocad, there selecting from left to right works differently than selecting from right to left; so, I want to select the enemy army with a box from right to left (to count the enemy) and that this option be activated in case someone does not use it


thats a very creative, and intuitive solution, has my support, as long time autocad user

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It is a great idea, I used AutoCAD also and I’ve found this method of selection very intuitive and useful.

Devs should read this.

EDIT: Furthermore, I think the selection must be remapable. Eg. Left to select military right to select villagers, etc…


Where is that setting? Couldn’t find it.

Also… I have to say I’m disappointed by the update on regards of hotkeys, there are so many still missing.

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