A few questions about AoE II: Definitive Edition

So for the AoE II: Definitive Edition, will we be including the civilisations from the three latest expansion packs, namely The Forgotten, African Kingdoms, and Rise of the Rajas?
In my opinion (which may be biased by the fact that I also want the Malays to appear in the DE), it will be better to have the new expansions included, as they are all still official expansions made for the game, despite not being from the original ‘nostalgia pack’.

Secondly, will we have a sort of a community voicing thing, where the community can volunteer to voice some things, like what was done in, if I am not mistaken, the African Kingdoms. And maybe to make things even better, things like campaign intro narrations can be voiced by anyone from the place where the campaign is set in, to kind of get the correct accent and essence of the narration.

And thirdly, in addition to the second question, will there be any community made content? Like maybe not just the narration, but things like UI designs or something, where there will be some sort of a contest for it.

So that’s all that I have to ask for now, I hope that anyone who knows about this can answer my question; or else we can just speculate and wait ^^


Hi @EmpAhmadK. No announcements have been made yet for AoE II:DE besides the plan to develop it. That being said, below are my thoughts.

I agree that AoE II Definitive Edition should be a complete collection of the original game, the Conquerors Expansion and all the DLC from AoE II HD on Steam.

Narration was added for the AoE:DE campaigns, so I would consider the same for AoE II:DE within the realm of possibility.

The current level of game mod support for AoE:DE is for scenarios and campaigns. I would expect this at a minimum for AoE II:DE.

Will you be able to create data mods in the future, as in Age of Empires 2 HD? If yes when?

@BROcosma said:
Will you be able to create data mods in the future, as in Age of Empires 2 HD? If yes when?

No one here can answer this… No details about the game have been released yet.

For age of empires 2 narration before an after campaigns made it that much more immersive, that being said can we expect narration for all the DLC?
Along side 4k graphic overhaul an sound quality greatly enhanced, given the popularity of Age 2 can we expect lots of new features? perhaps even new content? new campaigns? or even extending the story of the current ones? The Conqueror’s expansion i feel has the most potential for making the one level missions into whole story’s.

I hope they add the DLC Civs. I use one of them a lot and have been winning a little bit more with it.

MultiPlayer campains would be interesting. Example the Kaitou Jeanne campain. One player is Jeanne, the other one is Burgund or another role in historie.