A few questions to those who already got the game

Because I am not sure when I am looking at recent footage on youtube or not, I would like to ask about a few things on the launch version of the game.

1)Are the spear shafts still looking like flagpoles and the bowstrings still look like ropes?

2)Did they improve on the max camera distance?

3)Did they made better tech icons with unique images based on what they are about (instead of copypaste images with 1-3 dots) or do we need to wait for mod support for that?

What you see is what you’d get. If those are dealbreakers for you then I would not buy it. Maybe some other game instead. Good luck!


Look up any latest upload from drongo or Viper, those represent the actual state of the game:


Then I will probably wait out until it is either on a hefty discount or when the some good game mods give it the skyrim treatment once that will be possible (Cause the tech icons are a disgrace).

I also waited out for the DE version of AoE2 until someone made a mod that returned the original dialogues and cutscenes from the original AoE2.

For one who only likes AOE/M and C&C RTS games, there are not really any options that I do not already own.

I hope those who already bought it are having fun. Because from the testing , I know it can be a fun game, but I want to give it more time. I will go and redo every single AoE2 campaign first.

Yeah, those things might me modded somewhere in the future. I’m hoping this game will receive many updates however to further refine it just like AoE2 has been massively improved upon over the years.


Indeed, I really want this game to be as good as possible in order to breathe more life into the Age Of E/M franchise.

I would had really liked an Age of Mythology 2 at some point. The style they went with AoE4 could work a lot better with an AoM game.

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  1. yes
  2. no
  3. no
    Twitch can get u to latest footage.

The zoom level is still a bit too close. Also, you can’t pause multiplayer games. These are my two biggest annoyances. Also various other deficiencies in the UI, and the ladder isn’t really there yet.

But on the bright side…the game’s lots of fun! I started playing 1v1 yesterday, think I’ll stick with the game for now, hopefully they’ll fix some of those annoyances before too long. Well, we’ll see.

Anything that doesn’t have technical stress flying around the screen is the current game state. There has been no patches since release.

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