A few Things I am not sure about: Bug or feature? Mostly Revolution-related

1.) Gauchos (Argentina) dont get boni from the “Wild-West”-upgrade and dont get any boni from most Cavalry -cards & -upgrades.

2.) LLaneros (Gran Colombia) don’t get boni from most Cavalry/Hand-Cavalry -cards & -upgrades.

3.) “Mapuche-Bolas-Riders”-card (Chile) delivers a different (weaker) unit, then it activates in the stables (they dont share the build-limit, have different stats and the game sees them as different units when double-clicking on them). The activation of the unit that can be built is not mentioned in the tooltip of the card.

4.) “Spanish-Gold”-card (Spanish) is deactivated, once a Revolution is started.

5.) Volunteers (USA) are not effected by most Skirmisher-related-Cards.

6.) Gatling Guns (USA) are not effected by “Engineering School”-card.

7.) “Blackberry”-card (Finland) is not effected by the swedish “Blueberry”-card.

8.) “Grenade Launcher”-card does not work with “Ransack”-card (Russia) on Grenadiers (Ransack gets deactivated).

9.) “Grenade Launcher”-card has no effect on Granaderos (Argentinia).

10.) “Grenade Launcher”-card has no effect on Peruvian Legions (Peru).

11.) “Ransack”-card (Russia) works on Petards.

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Portuguese’ gunpowder infantry attack shipment doesn’t apply to revolutionaries or mercenaries either, since it specifically names musketeer and cassador instead of the gunpowder infantry tag.

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3.) and 4.) have been fixed, so I guess those were buggs ^^

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12.) “Cree Coureurs” do not get the extra 20% HP from the “Wilderness Warfare”-card, even so they are both: Coureurs des Bois AND natives.

It’s because of the tag on Cree CDB are only villager while the Wilderness Warfare card specifically state only the CDB unit, Skirmisher, and Native Warrior. Would be good that instead of CDB the tag on that card be changed to villager.

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13.) When revolting with Brazil as Dutch or Portugese, two cards (“Guard of Honor” and “Legendary Native Warriors”) dont use up shipments (If you have 4 shipments ready and send in one or both of these you still got 4 shipments afterwards). If it is intended, why not just make those researched when revolting as Brazil?

This issue is being tracked and we will be fixed ASAP, thanks for the reports!

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