A few things that are currently bugged out

Shift clicks, often times do not register. Examples: Warrior monk shift click grabbing relics, will not grab the relic at all. Queuing up scouts to pickup or drop off hunt will often times not pickup or drop off hunt, randomly. There is very inconsistent behavior with strings of commands.

Attack moves will often times not register, or go through at all.

Two bugs that I have personally, that it seems others do not have:

Targeting TCs or towers does not work for me at all. If I attempt to do it the attack cursor will just instantly go away and the TC or tower will continue to shoot at the target it was already shooting.

Delete hotkey will not work if I use the key. Only if I click and hold with the cursor will units be deleted. When I try to use the hotkey for it, it will register at first and show that I need to hold it down longer to delete the unit or building. However after a second of holding down the hotkey the counter (the visual queue for hold to delete) will just restart. No matter how long I try to hold the key down it will not trigger the action to be done. I have not seen this bug on other peoples streams, so I am unsure of what the issue is.

Sorry to hear you’re having multiple problems @SeshG. You may actually want to go ahead and contact support. I’m guessing that your DxDiag and warnings.log files may be helpful.

We are, however, looking into different SHIFT+Click behaviors and how they can work more effectively.