A few things this game absolutely needs!

Shift queue commands indicators. We need to see the rally points for the commands we queue up. This is a basic RTS feature present in near every other RTS, how was this overlooked, and how is it still not in the game?

Camera hotkeys like SC2 has. The town center cycle hotkey should also be a camera hotkey not a select TC hotkey.

Over all graphics and visibility need to be cleaned up. Outlines/easier visibility of deer carcasses and other objects on map. Trying to find a deer carcass in the tall grass or trees is needlessly hard to do.

Better click hit boxes for virtually everything.

More user friendly mini map. The last changes they made to this made it substantially worse. But even still the readability of the mini map was terrible before that. Also maybe let the user enlarge the mini map by a small amount?


enlarge the minimap if I would like, but at the moment it does not fail me when clicking on it, it is almost precise

I totally agree on that. Specially when they are in a stealth forest

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Needs more Civs and a rework on some of the main features but I am enjoying this