A forgotten but incredible game, rise of nation!

How amazing would a new rise of nation or a definitive edition of the rise of nation be.


I would Love It, I hope we get it soon :smile:


I had a wish that AoE IV could be a combination of AoE 1, 2 & 3 together, making the same transitions as rise of nations.
So you would start with clubs all the way to falconets.

Not quite what I expected, but I’ll take it anyway :sweat_smile:

I think Rise of nations was produced by some of the same developers as the other AoE games, so in the FAAAR future, we might just get a definitive edition, again… FAR FAR future.


Personnellement j’ai adoré la version Rise of Legend même s’il est moins populaire il est vrai comparé à Rise of Nation qui était quand même mieux aboutis sur certains points.

Meh, MMORTS games are very grindy, and there’s never a clear winner. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always preferred classic rts games (like AOE2)