A glimpse into the future of AOE4


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: The way things are I will not be even surprise if relic decides to do a warhammer 40k x AOE 4 crossover


Soon we will have:
The Empire of the Ponies
The Empire of the Rice
The Empire of the Bananas
The Empire of the Buddha


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THIS RIGHT HERE IS PEAK JEANNE, peak accuracy right here


Chilly you never fail to deliver peak content, both in high quality analysis as well as top kek memes, I am glad we have you in the community.


Believe me, I want to trust Age of Noob or Pilsen AoE who personally saw all the new content and approves it… I want to, but expectations are different for each person, so what someone else likes, I probably don’t like…or I will also like the expansion and agree with them in everything, “but only time will tell”.

You are far too kind good sir. :grin:

I consider it as AoE 3 revolutions (playable micro-civs but starting from base civs)…For example:

The Sultan’s Army: it is Saladin’s Army (in AoE 2 remember the phrase, where are you going with that army, Saladin?) (1174-1193)

Jade Empire: It is based on the mythology of Tang and Song China (618-1279)…

Order of the Dragon: It is the Order of Emperor Sigismund who fought against the Hussites and the Ottomans (1408-1529)


Joan of Arc: The army of Joan of Arc (1429-1431)


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Joan of Arc CIV is perfectly fine guys


People who consider “a sliiightly more relevant and consistent name” as “100% historical accuracy” be like.

But the sultan’s army name changed to Ayyubids? What’s not to love about Jeanne d’Arc with a frickin cannon???

Showwwwwwwwwwwwww, very good!!

You are actually just the worst person on these forums. Stop spamming every thread with your toxic memes.


Burn her while shes still just a peasant


Stop hurting my feelings already :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Ha. I genuinely hate this.

This is a departure from what I like about AoE. I cannot fathom this was allowed to manifest. The civilization names are still bad. Looks like they didn’t intend to actually make any real changes here, unfortunate to see the game go down in this direction.

Throw it in the bin, is my opinion. Not even joking.


Sorry to hear you feel that way man. I know how it is when an IP you love messes with the existing format and basically ruins what you love. Personally, I’m gonna hold off on my opinion for the gameplay until I can get it in my hands, but I totally respect your feelings.

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I wish them at least change civ’s name sounds like a faction, not a single character or a philosophy school.


Yeah, and seeing the units and architecture is the same as the base civ, i like how the same people that critize AOE 2 from having the same skins love this AOE 4 DLC. Gameplay differences? maybe but not that much it seems , you have a hero in this case…