A great day for AOE2 - Empire Wars and an Exciting Map Pool

Just wanted to post about how happy I am with EW and the maps. I was rooting for EW in ranked play for a long time and am so happy its here. Paired with the creative and fresh map pool. So excited to be able to log on and have a quick game on EW, or warm up on it for some RM matches.

I’d like to give a big thanks to the dev’s for the direction they’re taking this game and the amount of effort they put in. I’ve been playing the game/following the scene for a year and there is no other game like it. Keep doing a brilliant job :slight_smile:

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It is the latest RBW map pool. I really hope the devs continu that path by adding great tournement maps to the game and into the map pool. That would be awesome!

Tonight i will also play some EW games. Hopefully i can get some fun games as well.