A.I and Walls took me 48H so see the first walls

Greetings Community, i’m quite frustated, i’m having fun with the game but there is quite a bummer.
And thats the behaviour the A.I when it comes about Walls, it took me 48 hours playtime, to see the first Walls being build by the A.I

Been playing Players vs A.I all the time in Multiplayer, but the A.I barley built any walls at all.

I’ve check some other threads, and depending on what people said it looks like there is 50/50 chance that A.I will build walls.
But well i wonder why i took me then 48 hours to see any walls in the first place :S

What’s up with the A.I and walls in my case? :frowning: been playing now for roughly 77 hours and saw walls only 10~ times so far


From my experience if you attack early a couple times they tend to build walls. If you sit and build up your base and let the a.i attack and move around the map freely, they never seem to build them.

The reason i think of this is because many times in team games with a.i, i noticed that usually one side builds walls and other a.i on the more aggressive/winning side never builds them.


Can’t share this experience from my side sadly, been attacking the A.I always in the first 6-10 minutes, done this multiple times, in multiple matches, yet still the A.I completley refuse to build any walls.
Playing always vs very hard A.I, this is really getting frustrating just for once i want to siege my enemy A.I Q_Q

This bugs me :<
why are other able to enjoy Wall building A.I but me not or barely at all?
According to a few other users in Steam, they are sharing the same issue. A.I never or barely builds walls at all :S :frowning:

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Very hard a,i rarely ever builds walls in my experience it is usually only the medium and hard a.i. Not sure if there is some code that makes very hard more efficient so they won’t use walls? also i recommend you check out Zycat a.i mod it seems to like to build a lot more.

For me AI Builds walls frequently in Skirmish however in custom battles with my friend vs AI they never seem to do it. Very odd.

Thanks for this information gonna have to test this, 99% of my matches were custom battles.
If that’s really the case i wonder why the A.I barely do it in custom battle but regulary in normal skirimish.
Thats more than very odd :S

So i did more observations with revelead map still no walls in sight :frowning: sigh
Have played with lower difficulty nothing, they still don’t like to build walls. playing skirmish and not custom matches mp didn’t made a diffrence . what really bugs me right now is the fact , when i did my first observations around 48 hours mark(during first time, the A.I build walls at the 45 minute mark after building a wonder), the A.I build for 3-4 matches in a row , i was just observing doing absolutley nothing and they did build walls within the first 6-10 minutes.
If i try this now, it still doesn’t build walls sigh such a frustating experience all i want to say is The Wall must go! while taunting the A.I x) x(

Dear devs could you please add a checkbox during game creation for A.I will always build walls, or maybe some ingame commands via chat ?

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I’ll have another look myself I havent played in a few weeks so who knows maybe the last patch broke the AI or something.

I’ll play some skirmish this evening and see if I get any walls. Was looking to do some masteries anyway!


Thanks :slight_smile:
Well after reaching 111 Ingame hours, i decided to erase all my mods, because A.I still didn’t decided to build any walls.
I deleted manually all the Mods i downloaded during the playtime (68) i wish there would be an delete all button or a way to mark certain mods for deleting x( that mod manager ain’t fun.

Anyway back to topic, after deleting all mods and restarting the game, and playing a 1v1 match, finally, i saw it, the enemy raised walls from the ground to keep me out of their city! Hurrraaay finally something to besieged!

I guess for random reasons one of the many mods broke particially the behaviour of the A.I making it barely happen to build walls…

Lets hope the A.I keeps building it in the next matches :smiley: hopefully also in MP matches now :slight_smile:

One of the first things i did with AoE4 was joining a modded lobby during Free2play week

I think i might found the culprit mod, but i’m unsure, i need other people to test this, could anyone plz try this out?

Can anyone confirm that if he downloaded the Mod called Advanced Game Settings, (doesn’t matter if you use the mod or not) aslong it’s active in the Mod Manager. The A.I refuses to build Walls with a chance of 99%+

Once i deleted the Mod , the A.I started building again Walls.

If anyone could spare some time please i really would appreciate it.

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I use that mod for a long time and a.i do build walls, but it’s random not every skirmish battle.

It’s entirely dependent on how early you harass the AI. If you have even just 1 spearman at their base poking villagers before 8 minutes they will adjust their build to make walls every time. If you do not damage a villager before 8 minutes they seem to not ever build walls, instead focusing resources on harassing you.

The behavior is kind of bad actually. Walls take so many resources and they don’t do them pre-emptively but reactively. I send 1 spearman over every game to glitch them out like this. 5 minutes later my army is ready, while they have nothing but half built walls. I don’t think the AI understands the difference between a half-finished and full wall. They don’t stamp down the footprint first or rush the wall enough to be up in time. Other times they leave gaps in the wall for no apparent reason.