A letter to devs #2 : A brief talk about tutorials and lobbies

So, as the title says I don’t understand why tutorials are an option.
Of course I understand clearly that some young or elders just want to play quickly or without any restriction concerning the “skill cap” that they need to play multiplayer “decently” but since many years lobby browser are filled up any times with random titles mainly including “Noobs” but when you enter them, you can have a gab from 700 to 1200/1300 elos, sometimes even more ( I include people that haven’t played ranked matches too ).
So here’s my thought on it, why aren’t you making “Art of War” tutorials or a number of games against good IAs required to play multiplayer ?
It’s a real problem, people ( my self included of course ) just flip a coin during those lobbies due to lack of information about whether or not people have done any “work” before coming to play. So most of those games are one-sided and It’s frustating people that have done the tutorials but aren’t good enough to compete against 1400/1500 elo players but lose most matches when playing with new people or inexperimented ones.
And also, having losing streaks may scare some due to frustration too and toxic communication.
Thanks for your time reading my post. I hope It’s readable.