A letter to the AOE4 developers

Hello everyone,

I wanted to create this post to show appreciation and to congratulate the devs for making this long awaited game.

Being a 29 years old, long time RTS fan but relatively new to the franchise, I’ve had a blast playing this game and I can’t get my hands off it since release.

I can tell a lot of work has been done in the campaign. I loved the cinematics and the explanations of every real world historical moments.

Although I’m playing on a laptop, the gameplay feels fantastic even in Multiplayer where me and my friends in 3v3 or 4v4 can’t get enough.

Some of my Xbox friends would really enjoy playing this game as it feels Xbox lacks solid RTS games and I think AOE4 would be the console RTS king.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to say that French Cavalry seem too strong early game and fortifications are too expensive and easy to break (either wood or stone walls). I would love to see more turtling possibilities.

King Regards,


I totally agree an xbox edition instead of a simple port would be an amazing boon to the age franchise especially now we got the series x and mouse and keyboard support giving more options they did recently announce an xbox version is on the cards in an interview I think it was the game director but you would need to watch the interview for yourself get your friends on here age has a brilliant community behind it get your friends on the forums let’s show how popular a console edition would be also if you like rts like games on xbox I have a few suggestions:

Iron harvest
Ancestors legacy
And soon to be Crusader Kings III the last 2 are grand strategy I know but are perfect examples of successful rts on console

Hope this helps!

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Welcome to the forums! Thanks for contributing! I would say there are a few grievances:
Mongol TC Rush, Jack-Of-All-French, and Various Bugs
Other than these few glaring issues, the game has been a blast! Great post, bwee bwee~

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Se algum dia portarem esse jogo pra xbox, espero que seja totalmente bugado pra esses débeis pararem de insistir em jogar em console. Compre um pc

I got a pc this is for all those people including me that would like it on xbox aswell why would you hope it’s buggy? I play pc and can’t see you as anything other than a toxic with that comment I very much hope they do bring it to console as its a great game and xbox game studios have made more complex games work