A List of AOE1 & ROR Scenarios on the 1st-2nd Centuries AD

I have been playing the “pre-Definitive Edition” of “AOE: Rise of Rome” a lot because it has many Scenarios covering the 1st to 2nd Centuries AD. The Scenarios helped familiarize me with the period when Christianity began. My goal is to play the Scenarios made for AOE1 & AOE:ROR and then to play the 1st-2nd Century AD Scenarios made for AOE:DE.

Below I am listing chronologically all “pre-Definitive Edition” Scenarios that I know of for this time period or slightly before it. They are in the “AOE Heaven” Granary. I marked an X next to the names showing that I beat them unless they were glitched. For Scenarios part of a Campaign, I indented their titles. They are in three categories: Maps (particularly those for the Levant), Single Player Scenarios, and Multiplayer Scenarios.

My main question for the thread is whether you know of other Scenarios touching directly on this period.

X Land of Canaan (Map) / Land of Canaan Map with Indigenous Powers (1050-700 BC)(Beat it on Moderate)
X [REAL] Maps / “8 real world maps”
_____X #1 The Middle East - Persia - 8 player - I beat it on Easy.
_____X #1 The Middle East Region 800 BC - I beat it handily on Easy.
_____X #2 Eastern Meditteranean - 8 player - I beat it on Easy.
_____X #2 Eastern Meditteranean 500 BC - I beat it on Moderate.
_____X #3 Meditteranean Sea 200 BC - When I try to Load this scenario for Play or in my Scenario Editor, my game crashes.
_____X #6 The Levant 1200 BC - I beat it on Moderate.
_____X #8 India 150 AD - I beat it handily on HARD, as Player 1 begins loaded with thousands of resources.
X Middle East (North) Map / Middle East (North) Map with Roman-Parthian Wars (Late 1st cent. BC - 7th c. AD) (I Beat it on Moderate, and designed and submitted the “Roman-Parthian Wars” version as a separate Scenario.)

X Ages of Man (I picked scenarios that I found relevant because the campaign is very long.)
_____X (I) Lord of the Animals (600,000 BC, Africa)(I beat it on Easy)
_____X (IV) Religion (2,000 BC, Egypt) (I beat it on Moderate)
_____X (V) Monotheism (1310 BC, Canaan) (I beat it on Easy)
_____X (V) Bronze Age Collapse (1200 BC, Mediterranean)(I beat it on Moderate)
_____X (VI) Machines (500 BC, Levant)(I beat it on Easiest)
_____X (VII) Alexander the Great (320 BC, Macedonia)(I beat the scenario’s “Ages of Man Part 3” version on Easiest.)
_____X (VII) Hannibal’s March (218-218 BC, Spain, Alps, Northern Italy)(On MODERATE, I beat the later version of this Scenario in the “Ages of Man Part 3” Campaign.)
_____X (VII) Science and Technology (214 BC, Sicily)(I beat it on Easy)
_____X (VII) Rise of the Germans (9 AD, Germania)(I beat it on Moderate)
_____X (VII) Ctesiphon (On Hard mode I got 5/6 artifacts. The 6th one is in the southern Blue base, and to get it you have to declare war on Blue, which creates an automatic glitch.)
_____X (VII) Ascent of Rome (40,000 BCE - 1 CE)(I beat it on Easiest in 2019. The 2020 version titled “Rome the Spectacle of Antiquity” looks the same.)

X Parthian Commander (66 BC – 217 AD)(I beat it on Easiest)
_____X Raid in the West
X Drusus and Tiberius/“Drusus and Tiberius, Version 2” (c. 15 BC. On MODERATE in ROR I beat it, but it’s meant for AOE1. I fixed the AOE 1.0 Version by splitting it into 2 Chapters and released it as “Version 2”.)
_____X Chapter 1: Drusus Duels the Vendelici Leader (I beat it on Moderate)
_____X Chapter 2: Tiberius Battles the Raeti (Beat it on Easiest as part of playtesting)
X Around The Mountain (You play as Rome and must free Tiberius. I beat it on EASIEST.)
X Tiberius Teuton-Campaign (12-7 BC)(I beat it on Easy.)
X Arminius, Hammer of the Romans (9 AD)
_____X Rome Is Not Your Friend (I beat it on Moderate.)
_____X Clipping the Eagle’s Wings (Beat it on Moderate.)
_____X At the Well of Wyrd (Beat it on moderate)
_____X Wrath of the Tribes (I beat it on moderate)
X The Stadium of Tiberius (14 AD to 37 AD)(Beat it on moderate.)
X Jesus (30 AD)(Beat it on Moderate.)
X Gethsemane (30-33 AD) (I easily beat my homemade mission)
X Let’s Mess Up History! (33 AD)(Beat it on Moderate.)
X Conversions and Catacombs (41 AD, I beat my homemade mission.)
X Christianity (emperor Claudius is the opponent, so 41-51 AD.)(I beat it on Moderate.)
X Thomas’ Mission to Indo-Parthia (46-51 AD)(I beat my own homemade Scenario)
X The Mesopotamian Campaign of Abgar V of Edessa (49 AD, I beat my homemade mission.)
X The Сockleshell Heroes (ASO2) (c. 60 AD)(I beat it on Moderate) (Based on a WWII movie that I saw.)
X Nero’s Persecution (64-67 AD, I beat my homemade mission on Hard.)
X Fighting for Rome
_____X Beginning of the Roman Empire (Beat it on Moderate.)
_____X The Second Punic War (218 to 201 BC)(I beat it on Moderate.)
_____X The Jewish Revolt (66-73 AD, I beat it on Easiest.)
X Siege V Masada (67 AD - 73 CE)(Completed on single player, probably on moderate.)
X Aid the Batavians (69 AD)
X The advance of Antonius / Primus (October 69 AD) (I beat it on Easiest.)
X the seige of jerusalem (by yontanyontan, 70 AD) (I beat it on Easy)
X The Siege of Masada, 70 AD / “TheSiege of Masadaby10thLegion” (I beat it on Hardest.)
X Annex of the Two Rivers (115 AD, Parthia)(I beat it on MODERATE.)
X Roman Expansion into Britannia / “Roman Expansion into Britannia, Version 2” (I fixed the glitches and submitted the fixed Campaign as “Version 2”)
_____X Invasion of Britania(AD 43)(In AOE 1.0 on MODERATE, I completed the Objectives in gameplay, then fixed the mission and submitted the fixed Campaign as Version 2.)
_____X Supression (c. 60 AD) (Beat it on Moderate)
_____X Building Hadrian’s Wall (120 AD)(On Moderate, I met all the Objectives and then fixed the glitch that prevented a Victory screen.)
X The Eagle /“The Eagle, Version 2” (Scotland, 140 AD, based on the movie I saw.)(On MODERATE, I brought the chest to the red gate, but red soldiers block the gate so that I couldn’t get it through. I fixed the Victory settings and resubmitted it as "Version 2.)
X Roman Incursion (154-180 AD)
_____X xzcRome1 (beat it on Moderate)
_____X xzcRome2 (Beat it on Moderate)
_____X xzcRome3 (Beat it on Moderate)
X Gladiator (180 AD, based on movie Gladiator that I saw.)
_____X Germania (Beat it on Moderate easily)
_____X Escape (Beat it on Moderate easily)
_____X Rise of a Gladiator (Beat it on Moderate easily)
_____X The Colosseum (Beat it on Moderate easily)
_____X Battle with Greatest Gladiator (Beat it on Moderate)
_____X Defying an Empire (Beat it on Moderate)
X Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
_____X Beginnings of Rome (Beat it on moderate)
_____X Development of the Roman Armies (Beat it on Easy.)
_____X Masters of Italy (beat it on Moderate)
_____X First Punic War (Beat on Moderate)
_____X Second Punic War (Beat on Easy.)
_____X Third Punic War (Beat it on Moderate)
_____X Rise of Julius Caesar (Beat it on Moderate.)
_____X Crossing the Rubicon (Beat on Moderate.)
_____X Fall of Pompei (Beat on Moderate.)
_____X Anthony and Cleopatra (Beat on moderate)
_____X Nero and the Christians (c. 64 AD) [I beat it on Moderate)
_____X Sowers of Discord (192 AD)(Beat on Easiest)
_____X Rise of Constantine (311 AD) (I beat it on Moderate.)
_____X Battle of the Milvian Bridge (312, Beat it on Moderate)
X Pax Romana (Official Campaign)
_____X Actium (Cleopatra Scenario, c. 30 BC)(beat it on easy)
_____X Vespasian scenario with the Four Emperors (completed on moderate; 69 AD)
_____X Ctesiphon (262 AD) (I beat it on easy.)
_____X Queen Zenobia (266-273) (I beat it on Easy)
_____X Coming of the Huns (373 - 453 AD)(I beat it on Moderate with no walkthrough)
X Pax Romana Beta Version (I beat all its missions on Easiest)
X The Last Frontier - The Romans in Britain
_____X The Edge of the World (Beat on Moderate)(Caesar’s invasion was in 55-54 BC)
_____X By Fire and Blood (61 AD)(Beat it on Moderate)
_____X To Their Own Defense (410 AD) I beat it on EASIEST.
X Armageddon (predicted by John in the late 1st c.)(scenario by David Dorothy)(I beat it on EASY.)

Pax Romana (Official Campaign turned into Multiplayer Scenarios)(http://aoe.heavengames.com/dl-php/showfile.php?fileid=2655)
Middle East (North) Map / Middle East (North) Map with Roman-Parthian Wars (Homemade, Late 1st cent. BC - 7th c. AD)
The Stadium of Tiberius (14 AD to 37 AD)
Siege V Masada (67 AD - 73 CE)
The Year Of the 4 Emperors (by Barbarian)(69 AD)
Advance of Primus (October 69 AD)
Armageddon (by Stonefleck)

Here are details about the Multiplayer maps , arranged chronologically, in case people want to play them online. I am giving information like the date, AOE or ROR version, and which players are allied. Certain ones that are good for playing with Rookies (eg. Co-ops, Racing matches, and Handicaps).

#6 The Levant 1200 BC (from “8 real world maps” pack), ROR. 2 v. 2 map. The teams are:
Player 1 (Israel) & Player 3 (Syria) vs.
Player 2 (Edom) & Player 4 (Philistea)
I don’t know if it matters, but in the Editor, Player 1 is listed as Either Human or Computer, whereas #2-4 are “Computer.”

Canaan , ROR, 8 Player Free-for-All with no fixed locations

Land of Canaan Map with Indigenous Powers (1050-700 BC), ROR, 3 v. 3 map:

  1. Israel, 2. Phoenicia, 7. Egypt vs.
  2. Philistines, 4. Canaanites, 5. Assyria
    (Player 6 is inactive (just a war chest that Israel captures) and must be the computer)

#1 The Middle East - Persia - 8 player (from “8 real world maps” pack), ROR, 2 v. 6 map:

  1. Persia & 4 Parthen/Parthia v.
  2. Egypt 3. Assyria 5. India 6. Scythen 7. Grieken/Greece 8. Hettieten

#1 The Middle East Region 800 BC (“8 real world maps” pack), ROR, Free for All map:

  1. Persia v. 2. Egypt v. 3. Assyria v. 4. Media

#2 Eastern Meditteranean - 8 player (from “8 real world maps” pack), ROR, Free for All map with fixed locations:

  1. Phoenicia v. 2. Egypt v. 3. Hittites v. 4. Babylon v. 5. Assyria v. 6. Crete
    (ironically, it does not have “8 players”.)

#2 Eastern Meditteranean 500 BC (from “8 real world maps” pack), ROR, 2 v. 2 map:

  1. Phoenicia & 2. Egypt v. 3. Greek & 4. Persia

Middle East (North) Map (from 7 Maps Pack), ROR, Free for All with no fixed locations:

  1. Macedonia v. 7 Players

Middle East (North) Map with Roman-Parthian Wars (‎54 BC – 217 AD or Late 1st cent. BC - 7th c. AD), ROR, 3 v. 3. v. 2

  1. Parthians & 6. Mesopotamia & 8. Media vs.
  2. Roman Syria & 5. Roman Asia Minor & 7. Roman Egypt vs.
  3. Passive Armenia (AI) & 4. Osroene (AI)

Actium (Cleopatra Scenario from Pax Romana Multiplayer Campaign, c. 30 BC)

  1. Octavian (Human) & 5. (Human Ally) vs.
    AI Players #2, 3, 4

The Stadium of Tiberius (14 AD to 37 AD), AOE, This is a simple 1 v. 1 racing match. Player 2 should be Rome.

Siege V Masada (67 AD - 73 CE). ROR. This is a 3 v. 1 match, where 3 Judean players fight the strong Roman army.

  1. Romans (should be the strongest player) v.
  2. Masada (there is a Masada AI file in case they are Computer) & 3. Pharisees & & 4. Sadduccees & 5. Essenes (#2-5 should be Weaker Players or AIs).

Year_of_the_4_Emperors2 (Official Vespasian scenario with the Four Emperors from Pax Romana Campaign, 69 AD), ROR Co-op: #1. & #5. (Human Players) v. # 2, # 3, #4.

The Year Of the 4 Emperors (by Barbarian)(69 AD), It has a .PER file. It is for only 1-4 Players.The Roman general players 1-4 are allied with #7 Rome (Passive AI Player). Players #5, 6, and 8 are Barbarian tribes.

  1. Vespasian vs.
  2. Galba (red) vs.
  3. Otho (yellow) vs.
  4. Vitellius (brown)

The Advance of Antonius / Primus (October 69 AD) 1. v. 1 or 2 v. 1 Match, ROR. Players 2 and 4 are impotent AIs with no usable buildings or units.

  1. Antonius Primus (Vespasian’s General) & 3. Egyptian Buildings (probably not meant to be played and has 0 starting resources, but Player 1 can tribute it so that it can start a base) vs. 5. Vitellius

I did not realize it when I played it on Single Player, but since you as Player 1 are allied with Player 3 (“Egyptian Buildings”, set to the “Defensive” Strategy), you can actually tribute them food and other resources and they will produce villagers and build up defensive forces. I am not sure if the Designer intended this though.

#8 India 150 AD (from “8 real world maps” pack), ROR, 2 v. 2:
Player 1 Gupta (begins loaded with 99999 resources) & 3 Satavahaha. v.
Player 2. Kushans & 4. Satraps

Ctesiphon (from Pax Romana Campaign, 262 AD), ROR Co-op: Players #1. and 6. are the two human players. Only # is allied with chest’s your ark’s goal city, Ctesiphon (Orange Player 5), meaning that only Player 1 can deliver the chest into the city without having to fight the city.

Queen Zenobia (from Pax Romana Campaign, 266-273), ROR Co-op:

Coming of the Huns (from Pax Romana Campaign, 373 - 453 AD), ROR Co-op: Players 1 and 6 are the Human Players

Armageddon (by Stonefleck), AOE, 4 Player Free-For-All