A list of bugs in MP -CRUCIAL-

  • when someone leaves during match making you get a very ugly error code (everyother game does not serve error codes here but well readable explainations)

  • when leaving a group to dodge a game the party gets very buggy

  • no way to dodge water maps properly without running into lobby issues

  • when everyone gets kicked out of a game, the game crashes for every participant afterwards

I’m quite satisfied that your game gets buggy when leaving.
Do you know how anoying it is to get booted from games cause people don’t like their team or the map.
They should implent a penalty so you won’t be able to join a new game for a period of time!


Lel agree with PirateRaw. After all that queueing the loading there is some person complaining how their game gets buggy because, they and their party, keep intentionally disconnecting from games and ■■■■■ up the queue for everyone else. If you think water is so unbalanced, just pick french and go hulk. Turns out you have to micro the damn thing and it moves slow af and you feel weak with it and would rather just spend your time going to some forum to compain instead of learning to play the game