A list of things that need attention

after a few weeks of DE ive come across these things that are annoying or an oversight. Keep in mind i play exclusively treaty, so if there are things in SUP i wont be able to adress them

common sense

-let us view opponent decks in lobby before we start the game. sometimes it takes up to 30 mins to get a proper custom game only to find out later that one or more players dont have a deck for treaty. this is wasted time for everyone involved since you simply cant keep up with all the eco cards and mill upgrades!

-A proper friends list like in legacy helps us to connect to other players. right now it is useless as it is since i dont even know if the person im about to invite is even online and/or wants to play

-I should be able to see who i’ve blocked, right now i got the feeling a lot of those ive blocked can still join the games ive hosted

-the casual ranks dont really reflect skill or anything and a point/elo system like in legacy with split ranks would work better. in the current environment given the fact that a lot of players dont play ranked games, there is no way to tell if a player is decent. could be a good supemacy player who is lost in a ‘‘pro’’ treaty game or vice versa.

Balance issues:

-in ranked you should have the option to play only on land maps OR choose the civ after the map is known.

-on most water maps mortar ships can easily reach your eco without any counter apart from going heavy on water yourself. even then they can get a volley off and oneshot your factories right as the treaty ends before you can kill them.

-the TC placement on all maps can cuck you hard. if theres a trade road running next to your tc youre already fked. or if your tc spawn directly on the shore on maps like borneo basically cutting your building space in half.
this wouldnt be such a big deal if your opponent faces the same problem but thats rarely the case.

-same goes for TPs or natives, it puts you in a heavy disadvantage if your opponent can build a TP or get natives (which often have nice eco boosts) and you cant.

-i dont know if its intentional or not but to my understanding the cav box exploit is gone, but doppelsöldner boxes still work

-native civilizations have a huge disadvantage in lategame, due to their inability to have factories and their reliability on wood for a lot of their core units. giving them something like factories or age 4 shipments to change wood cost into something else could bring them up to par. right now you just need to survive until they run out of wood. very engaging gameplay

-japan could need the option to produce farm animals for their shrine at a hight cost. making them more viable in treaty 1v1s where you dont have teamm8s to send you sheep


-vills still getting stuck in estates and mills and you need to delete the building or the villager, theres no other way

-vills constantly stop building walls

-artillery prefers to shoot at buildings instead of the infantry infront of them

-currently there is an exploit allowing you to revolt in age 5 giving you all the options of a revolt without the downsides

-in longer games hand cav and sometimes hand infantry will simply not attack and just stand close to the enemy until theyre death.
especially funny if you send mamlukes and watch them stand infront of 50 skirms for 3 minutes not moving at all

thats it for me right now, ill expand this list if more comes to my mind


and mods need some serious attention

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