A little sad after playing Gaiseric

I just played the Gaiseric scenario, and I can’t help but think that an opportunity was missed: to include the Vandals as a new civilization and to create 2 campaigns in AOE2 Return of Rome.

Indeed, the scenario proves that there was enough material for a Vandal campaign. But above all, after learning about their great migration, I realized that there was a lot to tell about the Roman side too. Against the Vandals with a few victories, but not only that.

So of course, nothing prevents a future thematic DLC, but I think RoR would have been much better received with these additions.


I’m confused. Gaeseric is from V&V, but you said RoR would have been better with those additions.

Yes, because Gaeseric contributed to the fall of Rome, thus would have been perfect pour the RoR DLC


I agree. They did move alot and had quite a few adventures along the way. They should have been added.

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Even better, they could release a new dlc that divides the Goths into Visigoths and Ostrogoths as well.

Yes, I think that eventually they will make a dlc for RoR and there they will put new campaigns for both RoR (Celts and Goths) and AoE 2 (Vandals/Alans?)…

Difficult, since they are an AoK civ, it is also unnecessary having the Portuguese, Spanish and Italians…

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Why? Saxons and Vandals would be more worthwhile.

I did say “as well”. In other words, Goths are divided while other civs are also added.

What could be done in lieu of splitting the Goths is having something to represent their Ostrogothic unit line within the roster (I know the Huskarl is abit out of place but it is there already)…
Something from here perhaps?

Designing civs is harder the more civs we add, we dont really need to split Goths when theres still ao much of the world completely unrepresented (even in Europe, Vlachs are still missing)

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It doesn’t have to be any time soon.