A lot of questions

I am trying to get familiar with the DE Multiplayer. I play on voobly.

How do you tell if I or anyone is lagging? a lot times the game is stuck for few seconds and fast forwards automatically. Now I don’t know whether it was me or the other player(s). There is a clock symbol near the globe near the player name, which goes yellow and once even to red. Is that one of the indicators? Is it me or someone else?

Why can’t we save and exit the game in DE multiplayer(MP)? Like in voobly. 5 Team games it was a disconnect and drop and no one could save or would save.

How do you add someone as a friend in the MP? I can only invite previous players i played with or against, and whats up with the steam and Xbox accounts.

Why can’t I view the rate of the person I am matched against. It’s only after the game that I can see his stats. If we can, where? The same for TG games.

Yes, the clock is the indicator.

It is one of the unanswered questions from the devs. No one knows why this isnt part of the game anymore.

Add the player as friend in steam/Xbox. It use that friends list.

Ranked: You can only see the rating of your allies in team games by hovering over their icon when teams are formed. You can never see the rating of the enemy.

Lobby: Hover over the icon before a player in the lobby.