A minor bug about farming upgrades

Game Version:

  • Build: 36906
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Wheelbarrow, Hand Cart and Heavy Plow can decrease walking rate of working farmers, but farmer didn’t gain this benefit until interrupt the farmer.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Use a villager build a farm before research wheelbarrow.
  2. Use a villager build a farm after research wheelbarrow.
  3. The latter will move 4 times in farm before hand in food, but the former will move 6 times unless it has been interrupted.

Interesting. What do you mean by interruption? Does farmer behavior get upgraded at some moment without player doing anything about him or does player need to reassign him onto farm?

Reassign, Replant farm, Ring town bell or anything makes the farmer leave his continuous farming can make this upgrade effective.

It is true. Did you test if the collection rate/min was the same or it changed in both cases?

I have tested wheelbarrow upgrade. Farmers in bug lost about 9.5% efficiency. (1 mill surround by 4 farms)

  1. Farmers don’t have upgrades: 0.336 F/s (20.2 F/min)
  2. Wheelbarrow without behavior upgrade: 0.342 F/s (20.5 F/min)
  3. Wheelbarrow works properly: 0.377 F/s (22.6 F/min)

I estimate this bug will makes a player lost 100-200 food in castle age. (in ranked game)


Thanks for checking. Might not be that much on low level but definitely plays some part for pro players This might be the reason vikings were so powerful during the wololo tournament. They immediately get the tech not suffering from this bug.

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Bumping for visibility, as i don’t think this was solved.



Can you forward this to verify if this has been fixed?

@ShrounFata Has this been fixed for you?

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Hey there! According to our Test team, it is looking like this was fixed at some point before update 40220. If it is still occurring, a captured video of the problem, a replay file with the times when it happens, and any other information you can provide will help us dig further into the problem.

Thanks for the report!

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It’s still occurring.
I made a rough video for reveal the problem. Hope that could help.


Hello, could you give us more insight on this? @GMEvangelos

It seems that the bug is still around . This actually isn’t a minor bug, but game breaking in a way. Wheelbarrow not giving move speed bonus to vills who are already working is huge.

I also tested it today in a recording, here’s the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lsST_a__3riw0s0BS6zdLe4IqW3px14W/view?usp=sharing (i would upload directly to the forum but it doesn’t allow the .aoe2record extension )

I told 3 vills to start farming around 2 seconds before wheelbarrow research kicked in, and another 3 vills to start farming immediately after Wheelbarrow finished. The 3 vills that started farming later, were finished with their farming way faster than the other 3 vills, who started 2 seconds earlier.

I wrote additional explanations inside the game chat in the recording. Also at the end of the rec there is the Wololo taunt spammed a few times, sorry for that, I was checking if sound works.


@GMEvangelos Hello, it seems the bug isn’t fixed yet!

lol…this is true I cant believe it

Can the topic starter change the title from minor bug to critical bug? That is better.


It was Fixed in update 41855.