A more accurate and balanced Portuguese civ suggestion

Nah they were used, but they never were except for a couple rare instances a elite unit. Comparing to other countries, Portugal does not really have a leg to stand on on their Dragoon quality.

Yeah, I’m reading the wikipedia pages from Dragoon and Dragões, (Dragão (militar) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre) and (Dragoon - Wikipedia).
And it’s seems that indeed, Dragões where much more a Brazilian thing than a Portuguese.

Portugal did have some regiments, but they never where really used in mass.

I guess the Brazil revolution could grant a Dragão Real unique unit to better reflect that or something. I don’t know. :sweat_smile:

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Since they added the battle of alcacer quibir I wonder if they are changing something about Portugal civ.

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