A new Age of Empires 4 interview (source Windows central)


Major points:

  • Developers have experimented with more dynamic and adaptive systems like flow field, acclimating to large-scale scenarios, flocking, obstacles, and other movement challenges. “That allows us to do all kinds of interesting things with units, and get them to play in ways that feel more like real things,” said Isgreen.

  • Every upgrade of a weapon, every armor change, all of that stuff is visual.

  • The units talk, it’s not just that you select a bunch of units, and they say ‘Yes sir, on my way.’ That’s not the game anymore. It’s organic talking and cheering when they win, and panicking, all of these interesting aspects that you could never really do before that we can now bring to life through voice and other things.

  • Animations are motion captured.

  • They consider mods to be a major part of AoE and they will vastly support the movement with tools.


I hope they can be creative enough using those new tools.

Totally necessary and realistic. I also like the idea of upgrades affects only the new created troops but with the option of taking your non-upgraded troops to the blacksmith and get the upgrades (for free of course). Seems more realistic for me this way but of course it change the gameplay.

Reminds me LOTR: BFMEII where units act like this and say comments about the situation respectively. But on the other side, on this game they just speak the selected language and AOE II have this amazing and charming fact the units speaks the tongue of the actual civilization.

So putting both things together comes to my mind that at a panicking scene while I’m playing with Sarracens or Chinese for example. I’ll hear my troops screaming or speaking stressfully, scared, etc etc. on their own tongue that I won’t understand a single word (Like actually happens when I play).

In summary, this it’s quite interesting. I hope they can make great combination, using good speeches and appropriated voices for each situation as the civilization’s respective language.

Realistic moves on 3D? Sounds good

This is mandatory considering the immensity of this game and also the lack of thing that will probably have. Like for example the lack of Blood announced already here

So mods will definitively help a lot on this game.

Where are all of my cartoony-age4 people? Yeah, you guys don’t want to talk about the upgrades. Enough about graphics BS. Lets talk features now.

I give them a new name.- The Cartoon Police, call them when you want to spot cartoony graphics. I foresee a warning or moderator action on me. But I have to call this out of utter annoyance.

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No evidence, only promises… And no blood, lol.

We’re all aware about your unconformity with the game, so why you just can’t simply make a thread with all your discontent instead spreading it wide open in the whole forum?

I hate there is no blood too. I have already said it how stupid it is.

What unconformity? I have only one (so far), game has no blood. I have unconformity with some of the people in the forum, they are called the cartoon police.

Here is an example of that, look at how the cavalry surrounds the trebuchet instead all of them going from one side or from the other to avoid it.


Cool read, thank you sharing.

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Some good points buds…that’s Def relics influence for sure. I like the point about unit audio. …in coh hearin the units communicating and reacting to their environment and situation was great and felt really organic. The audio brought me into a more imersive game play experience and helped highlight all the other aspects of what were going on in the game. Destructible environment’s and dynamic weather would be a great addition to Aoe IV too :smiley:

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It’s also their legacy since Homeworld with the audio. Loved hearing units chatting situational stuff.

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It’s all about supositions, but it seems that units can both, walk like ‘patrol’ and normally run.