A new civ with no balistic


It could be great to have civ without balistic and/or loom.
All civ have them and it could be really fun to make them unvailable for a civ.
And with some bonus to counter this downside. For example, to counter that vil can carry 2 times more ressources
and range unit attack will be increase by 30%.

Remove balistic make range unit and building a lot less efficient on moving unit and in particular fast unit. With an attack bonus it make them very efficient against group of unit because a miss arrow hit another unit.

Without loom you can be raid very easily and it could be perfect for a very offensive civ or defensive one.

In my mind, the tech tree isn’t use in his full potential. We can create new civ very fun without creating new stuff to learn.

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No, it would be a terrible idea, you will lose every fight against a player who microes a bit and your villagers to feudal age skirmishers.


no loom would be awful the civ would be easy to raid. and carrying twice as many resource is actually more downside then up as it takes the workers longer to drop off the resources, which means yeah you get more resources in burst, but the downtime is longer.


Civ without loom sounds really difficult. The damage a few archers can do is magnified greatly, not to mention you instantly lose most tower rushes, as having 0 pierce armor on 25 HP means repairing your towers is very difficult. No ballistics, idk, probably doable, but the civ would need to be somewhat melee and siege oriented I guess.


I don’t think a civ without loom is doable. A civ without ballistics would probs be awkward, you would need to slap a huge attack bonus on its archers, skirms, defenses AND navy, that’s quite a lot but still a better idea than memish rev

There is probably some truth to that idea.

There is a reason why Loom is Dark Age Technology. In fact, is THE Dark Age Technology, is only Technology in this age. Is simply too important.

Balistics… This will push this hipothetical Civ directly into Cav/Infantry/Siege, and will also completly kill them on Water. But maybe some shenanigans with Ranged Meele Units would be possible, also Gunpowder would be option for them (not because will be better, because Archers would be worse)


I just realised how awkward it would be to not have ballisitcs against cav archers and the likes. Big yikes.

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I agree with the others no loom would be unworkable.

No ballistics… what would happen if cumans swap ballistics for bracer (and perhaps nerf elite kipchaks if necessary)? Would that be a workable civ without ballistics? Anyway I think it’s doable, and I agree with this sentiment

It also applies to Squires (I know Portuguese lack it already but they really shouldn’t, it doesn’t do anything interesting)

PS: I’d consider Teuton knights (without Husbandry) a positive example.
Fast foot archers (like +10% movement speed) without ballistics might be fun? (They might also be obnoxious)

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I don’t think to private a civ of essencials techs would be the way to give «fun» to the Civ… I prefer add UUs with new mechanics. I. e. Attack ground for archers, a UU vil unit with better gathering skills than vils, or specific for any resource

The additional range and damage would be negated by not hitting farther away targets anyway. Actually with their low base damage and firing rate kipchaks are among the units that can afford to miss the least. Cuman archery range units would also be quite nerfed, especially the skirms, how are they supposed to counter CA if they can’t even hit them as they run away.

I think that actually a civ without loom is doable if you give them a bonus that grants their vills extra hp. Maybe +15 each age starting at dark age

Otherwise the civ will suck

no loom but 80hp. seems fair enough

For no loom, a more clever bonus will be increase the speed of villager to infantery won’t be able to chasse them.

For no balistic it will be like a bit a low accuracy like longbow. A civ without balistic can still be range civ

and you still get shrekt by tower rushes, scouts and archers