A new Large Forest(?) Map includes trees in landmark towncenter

Sorry for many posts in small bugs

In patch 8324, a refined Large Forest(?, in JP “大森林” I didn’t know its general name) Map initially includes garden trees in landmark towncenter.
That appearance is fine but harder to click-and-select the TC.


The greening of the city is great, isn’t it? XD


A map-seed value is 695c7909

Thank you @CanniestDrake51! I don’t see this, but I am probably missing a setting. How big of map and what biome are you selecting?

Sorry, I couldn’t regenerate garden trees, either.
the game was a 1v1 quickmatch in 24/Dec/2021 but replays not remained in my client app.

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That’s ok, we’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks!

i had one of these recently also, not as far in as the other examples tho…
53f21b59 1v1 size map black forest

Thank you @BIGMAC8D! Should be a fix coming for this one.