A new method to cheat on resources appeared in the ranked match!

China’s top player loueMT and his old teammate “羊毛” in the 2v2 ranking game encountered a cheating player who began to build a wonder in 8 min !

It is still not clear how resource cheating can be done in AOE IV’s online games.

However, it is obvious that the “medvedo4kaa” player’s total resources number is extremely abnormal.

Interested players can check out the record.
Hopefully, dev will find out and deal with the cheating as soon as possible.

lmao wtf. He most likely actually wants some clout because a player who wants to cheat to get ranked point will do so ‘‘undercover’’. Not building a wonder at classical age up hahahaha

It is time to do something about “third party” tools, they are testing ur(Relic) red line even further.

man, i do not envy the chinese playerbase.
I feel sorry for the honest chinese gamers out there who has to play in such a cheating infested environment.

Given the graph, my guess would be that they have found a way to make the change to resources happen before the first time the game compares the state across players, so the game never detects that a change has happened. If that is the case, it might not be too hard for the devs to identify how that window of opportunity has arisen and close it off.