A new playground for AOE DE fans!

Hello AOE fans!

I am ClearMan - leader of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (AOE DE) Community Development Team in Vietnam. We created a AOE DE channel named “BDG TV”, which aims to create a professional playing field for global AOE DE gamers.

About the channel, we will regularly organize and broadcast 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 matches between AOE DE clans (Joker, TLC, OldMan, RoV, AX, HandSome and more) and would be happy if you all join the playing field. We have a dedicated chat group for clan managers so that we can schedule weekly matches. Although knowing the difference in time zones leads to interaction difficulties between players from different countries, but in order to promote the community development of AOE DE, I believe we - AOE fans- can work together!

In particular, we would love to welcome you casters for our matches. We are also happy to share your live stream links on our media pages.

About the upcoming plan: In this Christmas, BDG TV will hold a 1000$ prize pool tournament with the participation of 4 strongest AOE DE teams. We are looking for contributors and supporters to ensure the success of this meaningful event.
On behalf of BDG TV and vietnamese AOE DE community, thank you for reading this announcement. Let’s make AOE great again!

Our channel:
On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bdgtv.net/
On twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bdgtv938


As many know about sports, Brazil is a famous country not only in football but also in eSports, including Age of Empires (AOE).15 - 20 years ago, names like KGB Crazy or Unbroken used to make many Vietnamese players’ hats off to their extremely attractive but effective playstyle. Coming to DE version, Brazil again quickly affirmed its number 1 position in the global AOE DE community. And to verify the current gap between vietnamese and brazilian players, HandSome goes out with the strongest team possible to versus 03 anonymous players from Brazil.
Join us on BDG TV at 20:00 GMT+7, saturday, november 28!!!