A new scout can't auto explore in AoE2 DE on Xbox

I’m having trouble with new scout cavalry and auto explore in AoE2:DE on Xbox. When I create a new one at the stable, I don’t (usually) have the option to auto explore. Do I need to put them in a certain stance or do something else with them first? I have plenty of unexplored territory nearby. I usually play the campaigns, but I remember having a scout that was auto exploring in one and got killed, but after creating a replacement, it didn’t have the auto explore option.

Only your starting scout has the abity to auto scout

On the other hand, any scout-type unit you get in the beginning of a match or scenario can auto scout.

Well, that explains it then :joy:. I kinda assumed that you could replace them. I couldn’t find help text that explained their fragility. I played the game on PC 20 years ago. Maybe I should have checked my old Sybex companion guides :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.