A Persian Proposal

I think if we do get anymore new world civs they’ll be South American.

So many ask for Brazil, I think that’ll be the next one. Haven’t seen a lot of Canada requests.

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Yeah they basically would be a frankenstein civ mixing french british and americans together - and probably natives too.

I think that because they were under the wing of the British until confederation (and basically thereafter in aoe3 timeframe) thats the main conceptual issue with them compared to the relatively tumultous USA and Mexico during the time period.

That doesnt mean Canada didnt fight the USA, the natives and on behalf of the british throughout their history - its just a little bit more of a stretch for them, and perhaps they might be best kept as a revolution for Britain and France, albeit maybe make it more interesting than it is atm.

I can still see it happening, probably not before other civs like Persia and Colombia.

There is definitely more to Canada that isn’t represented by the French or British factions. However, pretty much everything that is missing would be better to include in a fully-fledged Cree civilization with the rest being put into a more fleshed out Canadian revolution.

Unfortunately, Canada is probably going to be added at the request of no one.

I dont think its necessary coming soon, I think you would have seen more hints in Battle of Queenston heights to new units and such like we did with battle of New Orleans was to the Americans if that was the case. Everything there is recycled, but I can still see them doing it in the future.

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This. The Canadian civilization in Queenston Heights does not have a single new unit or asset to itself, but rather instead combines preexisting assets from US and British.

Manor Houses
Redcoat Musketeers
Lifeguard Hussars

State Militia
Inspiring Flag

Compare with New Orleans, where the US was all pretty much unique units, with Regulars and Sharpshooters.

To be honest, I don’t know why they included Queenston Heights as a historical battle. I’m not sure what it exactly contributed. Maybe a concession for Canadians because they won’t be getting their own civilization? The only other reason I could suspect is that is designed to test the Cooperative Historical Battles format, especially as it is structured so that the Canadian and Haudensaunee players cooperate together to defeat the US.

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i think they choose the historical battle for 2 reasons:

  1. people where asking for the british side of the war of 1812

  2. they want to start introducing MP coop historical battles, and this battle made sense.

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Granted, Tuareg/Berbers/Morocco/Barbary pirates can all be one civ.

When it comes to ME DLC, I would love to see factions added that would make ME/desert battles and conflicts in deapth. To have Empires such as the Indian Empire, Ottoman Empire and Perian Empires have a vast aray of potemtial battles and enemies. These empires saw extensice resistance and to have factions such as the Arabs + Afghans (or whatever you want to call them) will give us countless battles to fight ,from Trukey,the Hindukush, the Levant, Egypt all the way across North Africa to Tumbucto having Battles between Ottomans,Saffavids,Indians,Afhgans,Arabs+Berbers will be sensatiunal. All those battles could then be complimented by then re-enatcing the Crimean war, thus factions such as the British and Russia, France and more Euroean powers will be drawn into the ME conflict. This game has such potential and I want to see it all.

Austria-Hungary only became a formal term at the end of the 18th century but Austria had a vast empire and a multitue of wars even from the 17th century ,thus they have to be added in a European DLC containing elements of the Hungerian/Magyar culture to make a strong, interesting and powerful civ to add to the melee of European battlefields.


we need Denmark, Poland and Italy. 2 of these countries have no representation at all and 1 has a couple of mercenaries.

austria is in the game, they are called germans, the devs have straight up said this and its why you wont ever see austria.

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I concur, completely.

I have seen a post that notes that the Austrians had more of a cavlary flavour and the Prussians (the ingame Germans) made extensive use of Muskets which we don’t see at all in game. This I would like to see. This Post suggested that the Germans ,for the imperial gets to choose between one of two rulling powers, either Prussha (With an emphisis on Line infantry) or Austria (With an emphesis of Cavalry). I would Just like to see the Prusshians have musketeers as well and leave civs like Poland to focus on cavalry.

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The Germans in this game are the Austrians, even if Frederick the Great is their mascot.

The way the civilization is structured has far more in common with historical Austria than it does Prussia.

  • Uhlans were used more frequently by the Austrians than the Prussians, and the Uhlans wear a uniform based on what they wore under Austrian command. Of course, the Uhlans were all ethnic Poles and Lithuanians, developed by Poland and later emulated by Austria, Prussia, and Russia, among others.
  • Doppelsoldners and Landsknechts are most often attributed with military service under the Habsburg emperors, and were made notorious for the sacking of Rome in 1527 and the 30 Years’ War.
  • War Wagons were used by the Czechs to fight against the Austrian emperor, so they still connect to Austria
  • Many of the cards refer specifically to Austria, such as Spanish Riding School and Lipizzaner Cavalry, which refer to the famous equestrian academy in Vienna, more so than cards which refer to Prussia
  • General emphasis on Light Infantry is characteristic of the Austrian military especially in the 18th century and beyond. Napoleon Bonaparte himself remarked that Austria also had the finest cavalry in Europe…he also said that they were the worst led, but that’s why you’re commanding them to make the difference.

the germans in game are more austrian the prussian.

doppels, war wagons, landknecth and uhlans are all austrian units.

only really the royal guard skirmishers, the leader and the homecity are prussian (and thats probably more to do with berlin and frederik being famous).


Yeah, it probably is, especially for the natives. The culturally distinct Inuit and the natives who lives near Vancouver have never been shown in this game. They have the highest totem and some of the most bizarre pictograms in this world. It will be fascinating to see it if the Cannada DLC ever released.

The best way to do this is to have the Haida or one of the other PNW First Nations as their own civilization. I saw @SuperSasquatch 's excellent proposal for the Haida here: Haida Civilization.

In terms of post-colonial civilizations, I’d prefer Brazil and then Colombia first, but obviously I’d like the Persians before anything else.

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Of course,it would also fill the gap between the Ottoman Empire and the Mughal Empire…

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Thanks, I think Haida is the sleeper hit.

Bottom of the list in polls though :sweat_smile:


I don’t think so.
If you look at their historic mission they only have British and US units and 0 new units unlike the other civilisations that appeared in Historical Missions before being introduced (USA and Ethiopia).

I think we’ll more likely see something like Brazil later next year if the keep the pattern of making every second DLC a single civilisation DLC.


Yeah I think the devs are done with North America. South American new world civs are next.

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South America? Hell yeah, that’s why I’ll put my bets on belligerent parties of the War of the Triple Alliance(Brazil+Uruguay+Argentina against Paraguay), Gran Colombia, Peru, Chile and Haiti.

i dont think its very likely the devs will add 9 new world nations from south america, you need states, which means that realistically only Brazil could be added.

Would be many civs,I would say that they put six civs at most: Brazil, Argentina, Great Colombia, Haiti, Peru and Chile…Brazil could revolutionize in Rio Grande and Santa Catarina; Argentina could be revolutionized in Paraguay and Uruguay, Great Colombia, revolutionized in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama and Peru, revolutionized in the Peru-Bolivian Confederation…