A Persian Proposal

Hello everyone, I know there’s been a proposal for a Persian civilization previously, but it seems to have not been updated in several months and I’d rather not necro-post. Nonetheless, I wanted to bring up some new ideas that have been bouncing around in my head regarding a civilization I and many others want to see in the game: Persia (or Iran).

First, why should we have a Persian civ for AOE3? I’ve come up with a few reasons:

  1. Sentimentality - If the Persians were added, it would be one of the few civilizations to have been made present in all three games of the original trilogy, alongside the Chinese and Japanese. They would fulfill the “big idea” of the Age series, that being building a civilization that survives throughout the ages.

  2. Historical Importance - Although few non-experts know it, the Persians were experiencing a great revival under this period (1500s - 1700s). The Safavid dynasty managed to hold off the Ottomans for several centuries, and could have defeated the Ottomans outright on some occasions. They also maintained a great deal of cultural and economic influence over the Indian Ocean region. Perhaps the most impressive period for the Persians was that of the reign of Nader Shah, who managed to unite Persia as it was crumbling following the Safavid decline, and won several great victories over the Ottomans and Mughals: although his empire didn’t last, his success was remarkable thanks to building a highly modern army.

So how would we design the Persians? I recognize that is complicated. Despite their cultural similarities, we can’t make Persia into a “less weird India” (no elephants, villagers costing food, etc.). Firstly, the developers have aimed to give every civilization a unique niche: Japanese, for example, focus on expensive but high-quality units; Russians are the zerg rushers; Lakota is the cavalry civilization, etc. Secondly, having the Persians behave like the Indians wouldn’t work because it would be pointless: it adds nothing new and would actually make the Persians weaker without some of the quirks which make India strong, like the Elephant units.

Civilization Type:
The Persians would have several prominent attributes. They would be encouraged to make heavy use out of their cavalry units, but cavalry would not be the dominating strength of the civilization (Lakota and to some extent Germans and French fulfill that niche). We have many infantry civilizations of either the Quality or Quantity archetypes. What I think we do lack, however, is artillery, and the Persian artillery corps was pretty notable under the Safavids and Afsharids, and they could be a genuine artillery, namely a cannon, civilization. Otherwise, they should be encouraged to monopolize trade and to make native alliances, reflecting the ethnic and geographic realities of Persia during this period.

The hero doesn’t really matter, but I think we should move on from the gimmicky monk units, even if Persia is on the Asian continent. I’ve seen some previous suggestions of just having a mounted military officer like the Lakota War Chief or the Ethiopian Ras, and I think that would work well, but with some kind of unique ability to collect treasures.


  • Infantry
    Tufangchi: Honestly, we don’t need to make this a particularly fancy unit, we already have a lot of Musketeer alternatives with various stats adjusted. I simply propose that this is a rename and reskin of the generic Musketeer

Jezail: References the Afghan mountain warriors who plagued so many armies during this period. They would fill the Skirmisher role, with long range like Sharpshooters, but their quirk being that their shots slow down enemy units (to represent ambushes and suppressing fire)

Gholam: I’m not sure whether this actual unit was infantry or cavalry, but I’m making them a hybrid melee-skirmisher. Comprised of Christian slaves from the Caucasus. My inspiration is the Sudanese Dervish, being an anti-infantry melee troop. They would be armed in pistols for a close-range missile attack before closing in with axes.

  • Cavalry
    Melee Cavalry - I’m rather at a loss here for what they could be named or their precise function, but they would be akin to the Hussar. Maybe either use a reskinned Tribal Horseman which the Barbary States and Morocco have in their custom battles, or perhaps a new unit all its own that have a button like Chimu Runners to increase their speed and make them immune to catching for a time (to indicate the swiftness of Turkic horsemen)?

The Zamburak is a given here, considering how extensively they were used by all Persian forces during the period. As the Zamburak is meant for the Indians to be the cheap, early-game alternative to the Howdah Elephant, and Persia doesn’t have elephants, that does impact the unit’s applicability, and we would need to design it to stand on its own. I think it’s easiest if the Persians simply get shipments to boost the Zams up to Dragoon-level utility, i.e. a hitpoint and attack boost.

That does, of course, fill Persia’s slot for a range counter-cavalry, which is a problem because Persia extensively used horse archers. By the point of the game’s timeframe, Persia had been inundated with Turko-Mongol groups who continued to embrace steppe cavalry traditions. However, I’ve come up with an idea, which essentially acts as a mounted US Minuteman:
Turkoman Rider: This unit could be repeatedly levied from Town Centers, Castles, and perhaps some military buildings, like the Barracks, representing how in times of war, a Shah could request the help of the many Turkic tribes living in his empire. It would have a slowly-draining health bar, but I think it might be interesting if they have a strong attack against buildings (which most counter-cav don’t have), and could regain some health by damaging or destroying buildings (to simulate raiding). Finally, you can call in a shipment that is the equivalent to US Marines, transforming the Turkoman into Qizilbashi Cavalry, which does not drain health.

This should be the Persians’ strength, especially because no civilization really specializes specifically in cannons. Furthermore, I think the Persians should have up-strengthened variations of the conventional artillery units, including Falconets, Culverins, and Mortars. They might also get a card to ship Bombards, if that doesn’t impose too much on the Ottomans.

Other Civilization Aspects

  • Buildings
    Should be fairly conventional, I can’t think of anything crazy here, except that I think they should have an Artillery foundry rather than building artillery out of the Castle

Persians should use Castles, rather than Outposts

The Mercenary building would be the Coffee House, a unique building that is essentially a reskinned Tavern. Come to think of it, the Ottomans should share this: I don’t like the idea of seeing a Muslim civilization building drinking establishments.

They should be able to also Mosques, like the Ottomans, complete with the normal line of church upgrades, with a special shipment to provide some unique bonuses. I think these bonuses could perhaps focus on economics, since few civilizations have unique church techs that benefit economic output without other drawbacks besides cost.

I am also not strongly for whether they should have a separate Mill/Estate, or if they should use a Rice Paddy for both Food and Coin gathering.

I don’t think they should have a Consulate. The Persians were somewhat more isolated than the Indians, and the Civs strengths would be built into the other features, rather than relying on Europeans.

  • Age-up:
    There is some debate about whether they should use Asian, European, or something else entirely (i.e. a hypothetical “Middle-Eastern” civilizational category), but I’m not sure if it really matters. There are many different prominent landmarks that demonstrate the legacy of the Persian dynasties of this era well, but I think the Politician system remains viable, especially if the politicians are given portraits where they wear Persian or Middle-Eastern garb. The developers may come up with their own system that is entirely different. I have somewhat taken to one proposal for choosing a dynasty, each with their own effects. I think the dynasties should work like the Native Council age-ups where you go down a shrinking list of options with each age-up. The dynasties could be:

  • Timurids (emphasis on construction and destruction)

  • Aq-Qoyunlu (boosts to horse archers, trade bonuses)

  • Safavids (emphasis on artillery

  • Duranni (gold mining, bonuses for Jezails)

  • Afsharid (General all-rounder)

  • Qajar (Boosts infantry and some aspects of economy)

  • Economy and Cards
    I’m not sure what sort of economic aspects they should have, but they should function economically in a rather standard way. If they should have a unique aspect, it should be that they collect bonus income from trade routes. They may also take a note from the French and focus on bonuses for Native Allies, as the Persians ruled over a diverse territory of Iranians, Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Pashtuns, and Mongols.

Without proposing any actual cards at the moment, the Persian shipments should reflect decisions on whether to emphasize nomadic cavalry or modern infantry, in addition to boosts to trading, natives, and general economic improvements.

Finally, I’m happy to integrate other people’s suggestions, as long as this civ doesn’t become too feature-heavy like US or Mexico!


I’m honestly expecting Canada next.


I certainly hope not. Whereas there is a lot to discuss with Mexico’s tumultuous and exciting 19th century history, I don’t think the same can be said for Canada. I think they’re best RP’ed as France or Britain, depending on which aspects you choose to emphasize.


I look forward to Persia, Omani, Koreans and Siam for an Asian Dynasties 2 expansion pack.


Please no.
Canada gained independence peacefully and did not involve in many conflicts except the war of 1812 (where they are essentially British).
Not saying they definitely cannot be added, but three North American civs in a row is going to be boring as hell. America is crowded enough.


I said I was expecting, not that I want them :wink:


I hope its Siam or Persia both are cool.

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Persia is definitely in my top 3 of factions i really wanna see.

big country with rich history.

honestly i think it should follow the other gunpowder empires: high hp, good melee dmg but poor anti cav bonus, that way there is some sort of theme as janisaries and sepoys are already fairly similar.

we currently have 2ish artillery civs: ottomans and sweden, while im not against it also having good artillery i think we need to be careful that it doesnt end up too similar to the ottomans.

the ottoman cavalry on the other hand is very meh save for the homecity shipments.

i feel like rice makes the most sense, both thematically and gameplay wise as an asian civ.

i feel like they do need it tho, british, russia and portugese and maybe ottoman seems like good candidates, so could germans from what i have read. a maybe much more far fetched idea would be poland or denmark if those factions are added. there are quiet a few options for consulates even if persia obviously wasnt colonized like india, but china and japan has it so i dont think that is too much of an issue.

i personally think they should have wonders, its just eh asian way. that obviously its hard to come up with unique ideas for wonders, something the original devs already seemed to have figured out, i dont have a solution or idea for the wonders, but they need to fill the following roles:

military buff

economic buff



these are the 4 wonder types every Asian faction has, and then usually a 5th that is a little more out there.


I made a post about artillery they could have:

I would prefer if there was an Afghan minor civ with Jezails rather than being a Persian unit.

Regarding your points:

Musketeers: That is exactly why I propose that the musketeer be generic. It would resemble the Sepoy and Janissary by firing an eastern-style musket and melee with a sword, but I don’t like the idea of it being essentially the same concept as either the Sepoy or the Janissary. Maybe it could be more melee-focused than other musketeer types? But it definitely should not be just another shooting-focused unit like its neighboring civs.

Artillery: Ottomans and Swedes are characterized as being strong artillery civilizations, but I think the Persians should specifically be a Cannon/Heavy Artillery civilization. Ottomans have Abus Guns and improved Grenadiers, but I don’t think their actual artillery is any better besides the Bombard. For Swedes, I don’t consider Leather Cannons to be full-sized artillery. Therefore, there is still a niche for a civilization that actually emphasizes the use of full-size cannons.

Wonders and Consulate: It remains to be seen whether this civilization would be considered “Asian,” “European,” or even a new “Middle-Eastern” group. I personally find the wonders to be rather gimmicky like the Monk leaders.

Regarding the Consulate, I want to shy away from that concept because I think it (A.) makes the Persians look too colonially dependent on the Europeans (whereas they had the distinction of avoiding colonization), and (B.) the same potential consulate allies for the Persians are almost exactly the same as the Indians. I want to really avoid the Persians being an Indian clone without the elephants and vegetarian villagers.

That could work, but I figured that in addition to representation the Persian state itself, it would also function like many other civs throughout the Age series that are “umbrella” civilizations representing a general group of culturally similar societies and countries, rather than one single country or people. So in that case, the Persians would also represent the Afghans, as many Afghan ethnicities are related to Persians linguistically, culturally, and genetically (like Tajiks, Pashtuns, etc.). Even many of the Turkic peoples like the Uzbeks have connections areas that were Persian-controlled or influenced at this point. The Pashtun Durrani dynasty even temporarily ruled Persia towards the later 18th century.

Another idea: What would everybody think of giving the Persians a few types of Revolutions? You could revert to the Timurids, the Afsharids, or Durrani, each with their own identities and specialties.

I look forward to
Persia (Safavid Empire & Qajar Persia )
Saudi (Emirate of Diriyah & Jabal Shammar)
Myanmar(Toungoo Dynasty & Konbaung Dynasty)
Tartars (Crimean Khanate)
Thailand (Ayutthaya Dynasty & Thonburi Kingdom & Bangkok Dynasty)
Korea (Joseon Dynasty(조선왕조))
Vietnam(After Li Dynasty(Nhà Hậu Lê)& Nhà Tây Sơn & Nhà Nguyễn)


they have fast training and 3-4 upgrades from what i recall.

they also have the bombard which they can send infinitely eventually.

sweden has 6 or so upgrades to their artillery (not counting grenadier upgrades)

this includes: case shot, barrage for mortars, lower population for some of the artillery, and 3 cards that make you train art faster.

i dont think its possible to make art better than this without breaking something.

pretty much only india got truly colonized in the periode, japan avoided colonization far better than the persians who did actually end up in spheres of influence for the british and russians. in that sense Persia doesnt seem too different from china, just with less intervention probably because the Persian leadership didnt have their head stuck up their rear ignoring reality.

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Love it sir, I would like to have so many more ME civs added to incread battle posibilities.

2.Morocco/Barbary pirates





7.Rozvi Empire (Zimbabwe)

8.Songhai people’s.

9.Asante Kingdom

10.Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. With Proper Winged Hussaria

  1. Austria-Hungary

Switzerland (Minor regional Ally)

  1. Polynesians.

  2. Italy

More theatres of war.

I would like to see completely new theatres of war, maps set in Europe, so Historical European battles can be held as well as Maps set in the Middle East. As a citizen of South Africa, I want the Zulu civ to be added, which will allow you to fight as the British and Dutch , expanding ever northward from Cape Town all the way into Kenya, fighting and befriending the native peoples and encountering formidable foes such as the Zulu whom have strong, fast melee spear infantry called the Impi.
With added animals such as Lions, zebra and Elephants + hogs that attack villagers that shoot at them and don’t merely run away. Also add predatory animals that are not connected to treasures. For instance lions that roam the plains and attack lone ,unsuspecting settlers.

And in turn I too wish to fight in the deserts/mountains of the Middle East. Fighting as Napoleon in Egypt or as the Ottomans fighting against the Tuareg, Arabs and Afghans.

I was thinking that the Tuareg could have Mamlukes in the stable as well as Wheel lock musket firing infantry and Camelry as well as melee Camelry .with shipping cards that allows them to receive altiliry from European / ottoman allies. With cheap , fast creating Berber tents as houses and Town centres ,to make them mobile and flexible.

Houses and TC have low HP but can be rapidly reconstructed in a new area.

So you will have to conduct a pincer movement in order to successfully rout and defeat them. Remaining weary of being outflanked by their camels and cavalry.

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at some point people need to accept that A-H will never happen.

people are obviously allowed to ask for the factions they want but i gotta be honest i dont understand your list. i dont understanding wanting “afghans” or “arabs” into the game as factions, and i dont understand the mention of switzerland.

we also have berbers, as a minor faction where they make sense, it would be even weirder to have both berbers and morocco as full factions since they are semi the same.


Well having civs that has so many unique mechanics like Mexico is just super amazing. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE PERSIA AS A WHOLE CIV. Could implement dynasty mechanics.


Persia definitely has the potential for a fun faction, but i do hope they aren’t as complicated as mexico.


Well I personally am enjoying Mexico. So many unique features which are fun to discover and gives u the ability to play them in many different ways. Love it!


I think Canada will come at some point if only for meme factor.

I think they would likely be kind of a fusion of influence of the early hudson bay company and fur trade, the war of 1812 era, quebec and post confederation Canada. It would probably work well. Even mounties could be in game since their predecessors fought in the Boer War for great Britain and became the RCMP.

Its not immediately obvious what their “gimmicks” would be but I think they would be pretty flavorful and creative.

But question. Is there really a market for Canada comparable to USA and Mexico? Thats why I think Brazil or Gran Colombia would happen before Canada.

Moroccans are not completely Berbers, however, but instead a culture that combines Berber and Arab aspects. I figured that the minor Berber tribes represent the nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes which travel around the Sahara, whereas Morocco itself would be the more urbanized representation. So while a hypothetical Morocco would almost definitely get Berber units and boosts as a shipment, the Berbers are only one part of what makes Morocco a country. If there really problems still with that, they could do like they did with Quechua and Inca and just make the Berbers into Tuaregs.

I’m still personally holding out for the Moroccans or Barbary States. The Moroccans in particular had the potential of becoming a colonial power, and were even in talks with Queen Elizabeth about dividing up the Spanish colonies between Morocco and England. Plus, they and other Arab seafaring states had widespread influence in the interior of Africa and across the Indian Ocean.

I admit I probably haven’t played with either civilization enough to understand how their cards work in relation to artillery, especially regarding the Swedes. Still, these are, for the most part, shipments, not bonuses, rather than having innately good units. I envisioned the Persians having good cannons that are inherently a cut above their European counterparts, but having some difficulties protecting said cannons.

I find it hard to think of a feasible Canada. They’d have to deliberately design it not to be a Frankenstein civ mixing Brits, French, and Americans together.

Hmmm, maybe have the Northwest Mounted Police be a missile cavalry unit that has a bonus against Outlaws and Treasure Guardians?

I think in terms of significance, Brazil and Gran Colombia rank above Canada in terms of important and interesting countries, and I would expect to see Brazil next. However, it also depends on the player market. How many Brazilians play this game and might like to see their country featured?

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