A possible change to improve the game?

Dear Developers,

I have been giving some thought to ways to improve the game. I believe that the game is in a great place at the moment. I love it has been improved so much since its release.
There is only one thing that bugs me, and I believe, others too.
The effectiveness of walling with buildings/quick walling.
I believe there is a solution. Have you tried making the building foundation enterable by units?
I think making a threshold of hit points to the outer rim of a building foundations, whilst it is being built, will make the game much more interesting and exciting.

  • This allows melee units to hit villagers, whilst they’re building, from inside the foundation.

  • It means that the bigger a building is, the less effective it for quick walls.

This means walls will be more popular, and house walling might not be as strong, unless built earlier.

People love when changes are made to favour aggression, or more carefully planned strategy.

You might ask, ‘what happens if the building is completed whilst units are inside the foundation?’
The units are simply ejected from inside the foundation the way they came in.

I hope you consider this proposal

Best regards,
Scott (Tsunami) (Tsunamistream02)

Doesn’t sound like a good solution tbh. Especially since there is quickwall and quickwall. Sure this change would prevent Viper from pulling of 9999 APM quickwalls, but for most of the player base “quickwall” rather means “I see their army coming so I’m going to make some small walls”. Which means their palissades will be built and their houses almost finished once you arrive. Also quickwalling with big buildings often happens to reinforce an existing wall so this change won’t come into play that often. Lastly, it would ruin both defensive and offensive castle drops, as enemy units would run straight through the foundation and kill everyone rather than having to go around it. All in all, it would be a lot of annoyance without even being an optimal solution for the matter at hand.

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There’s nothing wrong with walling. Stop trying to ruin the meta.

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Walls in general are too strong. Quick walling is just a part of the main issue. Since this wont really change the FC meta, i dont think this is the go to strategy to fix this issue.

Walls are already so weak, please please please people stop with these threads. Just learn to apply pressure. It’s already so easy to close games out in feudal

Can you explain why FC is the current meta if it is very easy to close a game in feudal age?

If anything can be said about walls is that walls are the reason why feudal wars happen less and less and less over the years.

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If you just go straight FC you die, unless your opponent is extremely passive.

You go asap to castle with the least amount of military to not die.

So you can still die to pressure if you’re not careful.

No one have ever denies that statement.

This is an idea Ive put forward several times and I could not agree more.

Quick walling is not part of the game, it was never intended, back to p2p times the game was too laggy to perform it and success for most players unless playing regional games, but on DE anyone can perform a good quick walling with minimal efforts, meaning that such mechanic needs to be addressed.

Your suggestion is not optimal, giving negative armor to foundations is the way to go to get rid of the fornite gameplay in a RTS game.