A possible, minor but nice, buff to siege towers

According to this video, rams protect villagers from building’s fire because of the “height” stat.

The more height a unit has, the more tiles of building fire cover he provides.

Given that siege tower is tall, and they are used to go through walls, they would provide some cover behind them if the devs buffed their height stat. This would make easier for armies to advance behind some siege towers.

Ok, this buff wont make them useful, but cooler.


If siege towers could go further such that attack mode 0 projectile (ranged units) could be treated like attack mode 1 (buildings) so that they can block all ranged projectiles not only that from castles. That would be some cool qimmick

Imagiem two archer armies but one is using a siege tower as cover. Basically like rams but better…


This is a cool idea. Makes siege towers definitely useful at least situationally.


this would be a buff for all infantry civs against archer civs… Imagine teuton army againdt britons.

Better make siege towers cover only building fire


its not that much different from currently. you can always garrison inside to mover at the moment.


The problem is after ungarrisoning. You could still cover the infantry with the towers while they are fighting. This way, towers would tank even some more fire, and archer’s micro is difficulted.

Archer arrows are not blocked by unit height, only fortification arrows

Increasing the height of the tower is only going to soak up damage from castles and the like, not archers. Archers projectiles are typed differently (hit mode 0). I think that might be the case for all arched projectlies (haven’t tested harbors, and don’t intend to) and that’d make sense if it was.

Also, I totally made this joke on the actual video and OP stole it. T-west liked it so it’s there. Boourns

But it would be fine if it blocked a bit more than a ram.

I meant, they are siege towers, made to assault fortifications…


I honestly think that siege towers should be reworked. Reduce the cost, make them slower, but add the ability to shoot for the ranged units inside. Also, add a minimum range so that they can’t be abused as a mobile shooting platform.

This idea is cool but I doubt it is meaningful because people can garrison unit in seige tower, not behind it.

Now THIS is a cool idea

Yea and maybe allows units inside to shoot also while moving but give them an accuracy penalty.

But this way you could protect even more units, the ones inside and then when that fills up the ones behind also get protection.

Making Siege Tower a trash siege unit which costs no gold and just 160 wood is OK.

First of all, the game engine doesn’t support this and would have to go through major changes to be able to. That little feature could easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement.

Second of all, this breaks the entire premise of ranged units in the game. There’s nothing blocking projectiles in the game - not walls, not buildings, not other units, not siege engines, nor cliffs or elevations. This is a game design feature and as such is highly expected from players. If you want to play a more realistic medieval war sim then try something along the lines of Stronghold.

Rams and siege towers already provide protection for moving armies… you just need to garrison inside them and ungarrison. Players are using that behavior all the time.

Are you sure? In the video, the narrator shows us what happens when the height is modified, whatever tool he is using. It seems it is already coded and you only have to change one individual value.

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They should not be able to be converted by Monks from range, like Mangonels, but rather closer like Rams and Trebs.


Rams and Mangonels block arrows from fortifications, like TC’s, Castles, and Towers. It’s a feature.

It’s based off the height of the unit and the hit mode of the projectile. To put it simply, I don’t know if it’s possible to make Siege towers block units with a hit mode of 0 (that class may not be a class, and therefore be impossible to make any unit block it) but the Siege tower already blocks fortification fire like Mangonels and Rams, and increasing the height of them in the stats to better protect against that type of fire is eminently doable, which is what OP suggested. You can modify that statistic readily.

Blocking hit mode 0 is similar. You can change the type of hit mode a unit has, but by default, a unit with a hit mode of 0 cannot be blocked by siege towers, rams, or mangonels. If you can’t easily address that by giving the Siege tower a different mechanic to block such projectiles, then indeed this would be a major change which probably wouldn’t happen even if the devs wanted to.


Thanks for the exolanation. I also dont think make them blocking archer fire is needed

It would be enough to change their height so more tiles behind them are safer against building fire

The engine currelry can’t support it yes. But the source code logic for hitmode 0 and 1 exist. I don’t know, It can’t be that difficult to code from a c++ developer side myself. But with these old games you never know as an outsider.